API Security


API Security

5 Security Tips for Your GraphQL API

Learn about the latest security enhancements for GraphQL APIs


API Security

How to Properly Leverage Elasticsearch and User Behavior Analytics for API Security

How set up Elasticsearch and Kibana for User Behavior Analytics for API Security Monitoring.


API Security

Top 10 API Security Threats Every API Team Should Know

A list of the most important API security threats that API providers and engineering teams should know.


API Security

What every web developer should know about CPU Arch, Part 1: Threads vs Processes

When to use Threads vs Processes. A background on impact from x86 context switches and security implications to Translation Lookaside Buffers (TLB).


API Security

A technical deep dive on Meltdown and does it work?

A technical deep dive on the Meltdown vulnerability. Does it work and what’s missing from the whitepaper?