Moesif <> KrakenD: Performant API Analytics and Monetization

When it comes to performant API gateways, KrakenD tends to be a name that many come across in their search. With some pretty impressive benchmarks, the team at KrakenD has put performance at the forefront of their efforts.

In the latest release of KrakenD Enterprise, there’s also been another focus: analytics and monetization. Because of this focus, we are excited to announce our partnership to bring these capabilities via Moesif to the KrakenD Enterprise platform with their v2.5 release.

How The Integration Works

Working with the folks at KrakenD, the integration between the two platforms is effortless. To send data to Moesif from your KrakenD instance, add your Moesif Application ID to your KrakenD configuration. Of course, to fully experience what Moesif offers, you’ll also want to implement user and company tracking. Luckily, this only requires a few additional settings to map your users and companies correctly. Below is an example configuration that includes an example of how a user and company can be mapped from the JWT claim.

  "version": 3,
  "extra_config": {
    "telemetry/moesif": {
      "@comment": "Push user activity to Moesif based on the information contained in JWT, every second, in batches of 1000 events",
      "application_id": "yourapplicationid",
      "user_id_headers": [
      "user_id_jwt_claim": "sub",
      "identify_company": {
        "jwt_claim": "company_id"
      "debug": false,
      "log_body": false,
      "event_queue_size": 1000000,
      "batch_size": 1000,
      "timer_wake_up_seconds": 1

Once this config is updated and applied, you’ll have full access to your KrakenD API data in Moesif. To learn more about the configuration options available, check out the KrakenD docs.

Try It Out!

To try this out, create a Moesif account and have KrakenD Enterprise running. If you need to get started with KrakenD Enterprise, you can do so by contacting the KrakenD team. If you want to know more about the joint solution between KrakenD and Moesif, contact our team of monetization experts today to get started!

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