Introducing The Moesif Product Catalog

When monetizing APIs, a crucial part of the implementation is setting up the plans and prices that correspond to the different API products and/or usage tiers. For Moesif users, this generally required them to set up their plans and prices in their billing provider, such as Stripe. And then correspondingly configure Billing Meters within Moesif to report usage.

With Moesif’s latest feature, Product Catalog, you no longer need to do that. Managing your plans and prices can be done right within the Moesif platform. Let’s take a closer look at this feature.

What is the Moesif Product Catalog?

When monetizing your APIs with Moesif, many of our users tend to use one or more billing systems, such as Stripe, Chargebee, Recurly, etc. Because of this, managing prices and billing meters in Moesif required users to bounce between the billing providers’ platforms to configure their products and the Moesif platform to set up their metered billing logic. With the addition of the Product Catalog within Moesif, we’ve introduced a one-stop shop for managing all billing plans and prices.

In the Product Catalog, you can easily create, manage, view, and archive plans across your billing providers. Using a simple workflow you can now easily create products within the billing provider that are compatible with Moesif’s API metering and billing solution.

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Benefits of Product Catalog

A few of the biggest benefits of Moesif’s Product Catalog include:

  • Business owners can create Plans and Prices right in the Moesif UI, so no access to billing systems is needed - no need to juggle two different systems.
  • Your billing system is still the system of record (which Moesif pushes to), so no impact to your accounting flows.
  • You have a single set of APIs to query your product catalog, which provides a layer of abstraction.
  • This makes it easy to use multiple billing systems in parallel, for example Zuora for enterprise customers, whilst Stripe for self-service.

How do you use it?

To use the Moesif Product Catalog, you can log into Moesif and select Product Catalog in the right-side menu.

From the Plans page, you are able to easily view, add, update, and archive plans across billing providers. On the main page, you’ll be able to see a list of all of your available prices.

Moesif Product Catalog Plans

Below is what a Plan looks like within the add/edit screen.

Moesif Product Catalog Edit Plan

For more details on how to add a Plan, you can check out our docs.

Once Plans are added, you can also add Prices to them. By clicking on the Prices screen, you’ll first see a list of all the prices that are available within your configured billing providers.

Moesif Product Catalog Price List

By clicking on a Price or clicking the Create New button, you’ll be able to update or add a new price. Below is an example of the add/edit Price screen.

Moesif Product Catalog Add Edit Price Plans

To see a more in-depth overview, check out our latest video detailing how to use the Product Catalog feature.

By using the Product Catalog, you can easily create and manage the plans and prices you are planning to use to monetize your APIs in a single place.

Try it out!

Want to monetize your APIs easily and effectively? Give Moesif a try by signing up or connecting with our team of API monetization experts.

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