Grow your startup with Moesif

We know that startups are laser focused on nailing product-market fit. Founding teams today shouldn’t have to build their own API analytics and monetization workflows to achieve product-led growth. By forging partnerships with best-in-breed providers, like Moesif, startups can take advantage of these services and not expend precious engineering resources building in-house solutions.

Moesif’s Startup Program helps API-first companies accelerate their growth and better understand their customers. The start-up program is a unique opportunity for founders and product owners to gain deep insights into their API products and customer journeys. Showcase activation and usage metrics to board members with compelling dashboards and reports.

We’ll give you dedicated, hands-on support and training to ensure that you get the most out of Moesif API Analytics. The following plans are available:

Eligible for 30% off any Growth plan for 6 months:

  • Company is less than 4 years old
  • Raised no more than $4M in funding
  • Fewer than 15 employees

Growth plans includes access to Moesif platform for 5 team members, and more. See plans.

Take the first step on getting the most out of your data and accelerating your growth by submitting an application today.