Why API usage data?

You’re probably already using a variety of analytics and marketing automation tools to deliver a personalized experience for your customers.

However, if you’re company delivers majority of its value over APIs or run a developer platform, then chances are your customers may not log into your online web portal everyday. This means if your user behavioral data only comes from your website, then you only know when they perform some administrative task. Not measuring and taking action from API usage data means you’re missing out on large growth opportunities to deliver better products and more personalized experiences.

API usage data can tell you whether a customer is newly integrated, how long it took, and which API features they’re using the most.

What is Segment?

Segment is a great platform to send web and mobile analytics data to many disparate tools in your marketing stack. You may want to understand product usage in Amplitude, store engagement metrics in Salesforce for sales qualification, send to Hubspot to trigger marketing automation playbooks, and send to Drift to trigger chat bots.

What can you do with Moesif’s Segment Source?

The Moesif Segment Source will take API usage data from Moesif and send it via Segment to any number of destinations which can include your CRM, marketing automation tools, and user analytics tools.

Storing account level usage in your CRM

In order to qualify and measure the success of new trials and pilots, you should be tracking account level API usage in your CRM such as Salesforce or Hubspot. Segment makes it easy to connect your CRM as a destination which will enable sources like Moesif to automatically send usage data to your CRM. Once connected, you to create cohorts or saveed lists such as:

Leading indicators of successful trial conversion:

  • Trials who integrated
  • Trials who send production level of API traffic

Leading indicators of good upsell opportunities:

  • Accounts who are close to plan usage limits.
  • Accounts who tested new API features.

Leading indicators of potential churn:

  • Accounts who decreased their API usage drastically

Trigger personalized emails

The best developer marketers will set up hyper personalized emails and in-app messaging to target developers based on specific interactions with their APIs. You can do this also with just a few clicks to trigger certain actions:

  • Send warning emails when developers use a deprecated feature and endpoint.
  • Send an email after they successfully made their first API call.
  • Sending an email when they haven’t integrated yet asking if they need some help.
  • Sending an email when they haven’t taken advantage of a new feature you released.

Add marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Hubspot, and Drift as destinations in Segment to send emails based on API usage.

Measure and improve marketing efforts

If you’re spending money on paid search and display ads to grow the number of developers signing up for your service, you should definitely be measuring the effectiveness of that spend. Which channels lead to the highest percentage of users who finished onboarding and integrated successfully. Did your recent Java meetup result in a higher percentage of Java developers using your API?

In addition to measuring the effectiveness, you can also run retargeting or remarketing campaigns based on the emails of developers who performed new integrations with your API recently, but never completed a purchase. Developers who are qualified buyers can forget about an API they were experimenting with so it’s important that you stay at the top of their mind when they are ready for their solution via retargeting. In addition, you may want to avoid paid campaigns targeting developers who expanded their usage drastically even if not a paying customer since they may already be an active user.

Unless you’re advertising expansion features, you probably don’t want to keep advertising to developers who are already happy with your service.

How to get started and closing thoughts

Using Moesif and Segment together can accelerate your developer marketing and evangelism efforts. Using analytics tools can help you and your team make data-diven decisions rather than just going by gut feeling. Setting up the integration is pretty quick and can be done in the Segment UI. Take a look at Segment’s Documentation for set up.

Moesif is the most advanced API Analytics platform, supporting REST, GraphQL and more. Over 2000 organizations use Moesif to grow their API businesses.

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