Podcast with Jeremy Glassenberg on API Product Management Best Practices

Podcast with Jeremy Glassenberg on API Product Management Best Practices

Episode 1 from Moesif’s Podcast Network.

Providing actionable insights for API product managers and other API professionals.

In an expansive discussion with Moesif advisor and expert API Program Manager, Jeremy Glassenberg, we cover many of the most important issues affecting PMs today, including: how to achieve 10x results, which are the best tools to enable APIs and how to avoid the most common mistakes when designing and launching APIs.

Jeremy Glassenberg is an 11+ year veteran in building APIs and monetizing developer platforms. As employee number 20 at Box.com, he was their first PM, started the DevRel team and grew the dev community to more than 15,000. Since then he’s held product leadership roles at Edmodo, Pinn, Tradeshift and Deserve. Jeremy also advises and mentors PMs and startups, and is currently the Lead Product Management Lecturer at Product School.

Friend of Moesif, Kunal Punjabi, chatted with Jeremy over two days. The following is a condensed podcast of their discussion.

Moesif · PM Best practices with Jeremy Glassenberg

Table of Contents:

  • 01:22How is managing product for an API platform different than managing product for a consumer or enterprise app
  • 06:00What tools do you use to enable standardization of API designs
  • 08:50What are the character traits of successful PMs
  • 14:28How do you define an API
  • 16:15What is the value proposition of an API or developer platform
  • 20:06What are some of the business models that can be built on top of an API
  • 23:08What are some of the unique product management challenges when it comes to APIs
  • 24:32What are the most common mistakes you see people making when designing and launching APIs
  • 28:28What’s contributed most to your success in launching APIs
  • 32:00What are the most effective and ineffective strategies for growing a developer ecosystem
  • 34:37How can you turn APIs into a developer platform
  • 37:40How to ensure backwards compatibility with your API
  • 40:50When it comes to APIs, what are Webhooks and WebSockets
  • 44:00How have API tools evolved from Swagger and API Blueprint, and what do you recommend companies use today
  • 48:00At what stage should a company consider building and opening its APIs to third-party developers
  • 49:30What are the biggest challenges for PMs
  • 52:00What makes a great PM
  • 54:30How to achieve 10x results as a PM in API platform management
  • 57:25What should PMs be reading, from interview practicing through to customer onboarding

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