Moesif <> Zuplo: API Observability and Monetization At The Edge

When it comes to supporting the latest tech, here at Moesif, we always aim to integrate with partners that offer something new and exciting. In the API gateway space, Zuplo has been quickly changing the game regarding platforms focused on developers and performance.

Similar to the work we’ve focused on for the last few years, Zuplo customers have also been focused on understanding their APIs better and learning how to monetize them efficiently. Because of this, it was only a matter of time before the two platforms came together to offer a single solution for our customers. This is why we are excited to announce our partnership and integration with Zuplo! Offering new capabilities to customers on both sides.

If you’re unfamiliar with either of the platforms, we will do a quick walkthrough of the highlights and then get into why combining both together unlocks a massive amount of new use cases. Let’s dive in!

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What is Moesif?

When looking for the most versatile and powerful API analytics and monetization solution on the market, most folks bump into Moesif. At Moesif, we enable analytics and monetization for some of the largest companies in the world across every vertical. By having direct integrations with the most popular languages and API gateways, users can quickly analyze and monetize their customer’s API usage. Let’s look a little deeper at some highlights of the platform. s

Effortless API Monetization

Flexible Metering Rules: Moesif enables the creation of complex metering rules for API usage, supporting various billing models like prepaid, postpaid, and pay-as-you-go (PAYG).

Invoicing Platform Integration: The platform can be connected to billing providers like Stripe, Recurly, Chargebee, and Zuora for automatic invoicing. Moesif can also support custom billing solutions by using Moesif’s custom webhook integrations for billing providers.

Customer Experience Management: Moesif’s open-source developer portal facilitates the rapid setup of subscription portals, providing metrics to customers on their usage and quota.

Deep Insights into API Usage

Funnel and Retention Charts: The platform goes beyond surface-level metrics, offering funnel analytics to pinpoint where users drop off and retention charts to gauge long-term engagement with your APIs and platform.

Heat Maps and Segmentation: Moesif provides a detailed view of API usage with tools like heat maps and segmentation. These features enable businesses to track and understand how customers interact with their APIs, segmenting data by various factors like URI, HTTP headers, body fields, and customer demographics.

Powerful Analytics on API Payloads

Field and Value Tracking: Moesif allows tracking of the specific fields and values that customers send in API payloads, offering a granular view of data flows and exactly how your APIs are being used.

Privacy and Collaboration: Moesif efficiently ensures data privacy for sensitive data through multiple mechanisms. Moesif keeps the data private to your company only visible to people who should have access while facilitating collaboration through shareable dashboards.

Comprehensive Understanding of Customer Health

End-to-End Customer Journey Mapping: The platform provides an in-depth understanding of the customer journey, integrating web activity with API usage. Stitching together the end-to-end journey of your customers from when they first land on your website or developer portal to ongoing API usage is easy.

Demographic Insights and Integration Support: With integrations like Salesforce and Segment, Moesif helps understand user demographics and identify customers struggling with API integration or understanding how to use your APIs correctly.

Overall, Moesif augments the experience that users already have with Zuplo, allowing for easy monetization and deep insights when it comes to APIs.

What is Zuplo?

Zuplo is a modern and transformative API management platform that uniquely combines speed, security, and scalability. It’s designed for businesses aiming to be API-first, providing a multi-cloud-ready, edge API Gateway. Some key features of Zuplo include:

  • API Security and Rate-Limiting: Easy implementation of over 50 security plugins, including authentication.
  • OpenAPI Runtime: Directly runs OpenAPI specs, simplifying API development and deployment.
  • Automatic, Stripe-Quality Documentation: Generates and updates API documentation automatically, enhancing developer experience.

Zuplo’s global deployment strategy includes coverage across 200+ data centers, ensuring minimal latency and optimal performance for all API users regardless of geography. Its serverless API Gateway supports effortless scaling, handling billions of monthly requests with zero-millisecond startup time. With seamless integrations, including GitHub for source-controlled configurations and rapid API iterations, Zuplo is optimized for both speed and efficiency, making it a go-to solution for modern API management needs.

What are the benefits of using the platforms together?

To extend Zuplo’s capabilities, Moesif’s powerful analytics and monetization features can be accessed directly through the platform in a few clicks. Moesif and Zuplo can be connected by adding a Moesif policy entry in Zuplo’s policies.json file. The only thing you’ll require to enable Moesif is to paste your Moesif Application ID into the policy configuration. That’s it! Once integrated, the full capabilities of Moesif’s API analytics and billing features are available. Let’s look at some advantages of pairing Moesif and Zuplo in more detail.

Enhanced API Analytics for Zuplo

Having API observability at your fingertips allows for a massive amount of insight into the health of your business so you can be more proactive in supporting customers. Moesif, the leader in API analytics, is known for allowing you to easily create charts and dashboards to see how customers use your APIs and the value they get. API analytics from Zuplo flow directly into Moesif, allowing technical and non-technical users to get real-time insights into API usage and better support users. Moesif goes much further than other analytics solutions with its user-centric focus and deep insights into API payloads. With funnel reports, understand the complete journey of how users convert to active or paying customers. With retention reports and cohort analysis, understand signals that may lead to churn. Level up your applications and insights with Moesif and Zuplo together.

Easily Monetize APIs with Moesif and Zuplo

As more companies look to generate revenue from their APIs, they face the same challenge: API monetization is not easy. Handling simple and complex usage-based billing cases takes a lot of custom code and generates overhead for developers. With Zuplo and Moesif, you can monetize APIs in a few clicks using Moesif’s Metered Billing features. No coding is required. Create plans for prepaid, postpaid, PAYG, and other usage-based billing models with low effort. From here, Moesif can aggregate usage and send the correct usage to Stripe, Recurly, Chargebee, or a custom billing solution for users to be charged. No matter how complex or straightforward your API billing criteria are, Moesif and Zuplo can easily handle it.

New Levels of Automation

Want to automate customer success outreach or block user access based on specific business criteria? With Moesif, you can use behavioral emails to automatically send customized emails to users based on specific events. For example, if a user is having difficulty integrating with your APIs, Moesif can detect this and email the most relevant guide to help them.

Another form of automation is using Moesif’s Governance Rules feature to block users, such as those with overdue unpaid invoices, from accessing certain APIs or features within your application. New levels of automation are possible when pairing Moesif with Zuplo.

Try it out!

Want to experience modern API management and next-level API monetization and analytics? To get started, sign up for Zuplo and Moesif, then use your Moesif Application ID in a Zuplo policy to get data flowing. Once integrated, you can use both platforms to deliver a next-gen approach to your internal developers, those using Moesif and Zuplo, and your customers. Driving new revenue streams and increasing customer adoption and retention is now just a few clicks away with Moesif and Zuplo.

Learn More About Moesif Deep API Observability with Moesif 14 day free trial. No credit card required. Try for Free
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