Apigee API Gateway: Everything You Need to Know

Apigee API Gateway


The Apigee API Gateway is a tool that enables the management, analysis, and security of APIs. This API gateway enables organizations to optimize their digital ecosystems and deploy user-friendly products. It is particularly valuable for developers, IT professionals, and SaaS businesses interested in enhancing their API infrastructure, streamlining development workflows, and ensuring secure and seamless connectivity.

Apigee’s API Gateway provides a range of functionalities and tools to enable precise API management and optimization, including:

  • Traffic Management: Control and optimize the flow of API traffic. Meter usage to ensure efficient resource utilization.
  • Security: Robust security protocols like authentication and encryption protect APIs and data.
  • Analytics and Monitoring: Generate insights into API usage patterns, performance metrics, and user behavior.
  • Policy Enforcement: Enforce metering policies such as rate limiting and quotas to optimize API performance.
  • Integration Options: Integrate seamlessly with various services, databases, and third-party APIs.
  • Scalability: Scale API infrastructure and accommodate varying workloads during periods of increased demand.
  • Lifecycle Management: Manage your entire API lifecycle, from design and development to deployment, versioning, and retirement.
  • Developer Portals: Set up user-friendly developer portals with updated documentation, guides, and support resources to encourage developer adoption and foster brand trust.
  • API Monetization: Implement workflows for monetizing APIs, providing businesses the opportunity to generate revenue through API usage.
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What is Apigee?

Apigee is an API management platform that allows businesses to design, deploy, and scale APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). A Google Cloud subsidiary, Apigee offers a comprehensive set of tools and services for enterprises to create, manage, analyze, and secure APIs. Apigee is a popular choice for businesses looking to streamline their API management.

Apigee provides API proxies, shielding your public facing APIs from your backend services. As you optimize your backend and make changes to your services, your public products continue to utilize your APIs without interruption. Playing a crucial role in enhancing the connectivity, performance, and security of digital applications and services, Apigee acts as a gateway between different software applications.

What is an API Gateway?

An API gateway is an external server that acts as an entry point for multiple APIs, routing requests from clients to the correct, corresponding services. It serves as an intermediary buffer or layer between client applications and underlying microservices, providing request routing, composition, and security enforcement. API gateways play an important role in managing and optimizing the communication between software components within a distributed system.

API gateways are crucial intermediaries between internal and external applications. They ensure secure and efficient communication by managing and controlling the flow of data. API gateways provide a single, centralized point for handling tasks like authentication, authorization, rate limiting, development, and security. A one stop shop, API gateways simplify the integration of different services within a product ecosystem. Using an API gateway becomes essential for organizations to maintain scalable and well-orchestrated API products and architecture in today’s modern software development.

How does Apigee API Gateway work?

Setting up the Apigee API Gateway involves several steps, and the specific process will likely vary depending on your particular organization’s requirements. Setting Up Apigee API Gateway usually requires the following steps:

  1. Sign Up and Create an Account: Begin by signing up for an Apigee account on the Apigee website.
  2. Create an Organization: Once logged in, create an organization, a logical container for your API proxies, configurations, and analytics.
  3. Create an API Proxy: Set up an API proxy, including details on how to process requests and interact with backend services.
  4. Configure API Policies:Configure policies to enforce security, traffic management, and other aspects. Customize these policies based on your API product’s unique requirements.
  5. Deploy the API Proxy: Deploy your configured API proxy to make it accessible to developers and applications.

The Apigee API Gateway offers a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking advanced API management without requiring the use of multiple third party products. With robust security features and protection against security threats, Apigee helps businesses ensure the safety of APIs and data. The platform promotes developer engagement by providing tools for documentation creation, API testing, and developer access management. Apigee’s analytics and monitoring features offer insights into API usage, performance, and user behavior, empowering informed decision-making.

Designed for scalability, Apigee handles high volumes of API traffic, making it an ideal API management solution for organizations with expanding API ecosystems. By leveraging the Apigee API Gateway, organizations can streamline API management, fortify security, optimize performance and workflows, and foster a developer-friendly environment.

Why do you need API Gateway?

An API gateway is a critical component for organizations and developers seeking to manage, secure, and optimize interactions between their APIs and different software applications or services. The significance of these gateways lies in their ability to provide centralized security measures. These ensure that only authorized users access APIs, preventing unauthorized usage and safeguarding sensitive data. An API gateway optimizes traffic and usage through metering or rate limiting, and fosters an environment for developers to optimize use of API products through documentation, testing, and access management. Additionally, a good API gateway will offer robust analytics and monitoring capabilities, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, identify issues, and scale their API products efficiently. With features for scalability and business growth, API gateways serve as a comprehensive solution for the streamlining of API management.

What are the benefits of Apigee gateway?

The Apigee API gateway provides SaaS organizations with a single, powerful solution for streamlined API management. Apigee offers a comprehensive platform to optimize API performance, security, and collaboration for businesses of any size, but particularly ones who oversee large amounts of API usage. Apigee safeguards APIs from misuse and abuse through rate limitation, preventing sensitive API access points from being overused or disclosed.

Apigee Pros and Cons

Apigee has great reasons to adopt, but also valid reasons to be weary of migration.

Pros Cons
Tracking and monitoring are highly granular Consists of separate products. Apigee Edge and Apigee X are on different platforms
Monetization support for large customers Limited monetization capabilities for small and medium sized businesses
Integrated monetization solution within Apigee Cannot use other providers’ monetization solutions when using Apigee gateway
Large amount of security features Single cloud (Google) solution
Low knowledge required to set up an API Architecture is complex
Highly scalable for enterprise level usage 60 proxies per environment limitation causes scaling issues and hardware costs
Allows for rapid deployment of cloud-native software Developer portal is not a major focus, impeding deployment

Apigee vs. API Gateway: Which is best?

The choice between Apigee and API Gateway depends on your specific product’s requirements and business preferences. Apigee is a comprehensive API management platform for security, usage metering, analytics, and scalability. On the other hand, “API Gateway” is a generic term referring to various tools or solutions that manage and optimize API traffic. Organizations need to evaluate their specific needs and budget to determine if Apigee’s gateway is a better fit for their product than a competitor like Kong or Mulesoft, who aren’t vendor specific. By considering factors like features, ease of use, and integration capabilities, businesses can determine which solution aligns best with their goals.

Given the single cloud nature of Apigee, it’s recommended to test alternate an API gateway that isn’t vendor locked, as migrating from Apigee to another gateway will be more tedious than the other way around.


In conclusion, the Apigee API gateway is a powerful and versatile solution for organizations seeking to optimize their digital API ecosystems. With a comprehensive set of features encompassing security, traffic management, analytics, and scalability, Apigee provides a comprehensive option for effective API management. Whether enhancing security measures, optimizing performance, or fostering collaboration between API providers and developers, Apigee’s capabilities contribute to creating an efficient API environment.

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