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Interested in taking your API product to the next stage of growth but have limited resources? We understand that as a startup, companies are laser focused on getting their product out the door. Founding teams today don’t want to (or need to) create their own usage-based billing and analytics tools. By forging partnerships with best-in-breed providers, startups can take advantage of these analytical tools without wasting engineering manpower to create in-house toolkits. In order to successfully improve and iterate on your API driven product, emphasis needs to be placed on the right metrics for your business. Releasing features for your API product is not enough; understanding the developer journey and gaining insight into API calls by account are critical to building a full understanding of the use of your product. This may seem daunting, but Moesif simplifies the insight gathering process. Finding a product/market fit is vital to sustainable growth, but understanding your market starts with the right metrics and analytics.

Startup Refines Product Strategy and Enhances DevEx wanted to dig deep into the developer journey to improve their experience without building their own analytics platform. provides APIs for developers to analyze voice and video conversations using machine learning algorithms. With a focus on contextual intelligence and custom trackers, allows for processing and transcribing of conversations in real time or asynchronously. Because had limited engineering resources when they found Moesif, they had historically been prioritizing new product features over building their internal analytics dashboard. When looking for an outside vendor, they found that there weren’t many options that dealt with the unique complexities of APIs.

As focused their attention to the developer experience, they turned to Moesif to get a more complete picture of their API usage by customers in order to create an optimal experience for developers. Driving growth with Moesif, started using Moesif at the seed stage, and have since grown from a startup to an enterprise partner. They also raised $17 Million in Series A a year after the company’s product launch and seed financing of $4.7M.

“When you’re small as a company it’s very hard to focus 20% of your continued engineering efforts on building a dashboard for yourselves.”Surbhi Rathore, CEO & Co-Founder

Moesif allows companies to optimize the developer journey through data driven insights. Rather than building an API monitoring system internally, Moesif allows for centralized API insights in real time, tuned to your specific business KPIs. Visualizing customer usage with granular information around API calls allows for Moesif users to see anything from time to First API Call/Time To First First Hello World (TTFHW), to which endpoint is preferred.

With an interest in helping API driven companies accelerate their growth and understanding of their users, Moesif formed a Startup Program. Aimed at new API-first or API-enabled startups, the start-up program is a unique opportunity for developers to gain deep insight into their products and customer usage journey.

As a member of Moesif’s Startup Program, you will gain access to a plethora of resources to help you be successful and grow your business. Get dedicated, hands-on support and training to ensure that Moesif is a useful integration for analyzing your KPIs and metrics. The following plans are available to new, eager start-ups:

For growing start-ups seeking product-led growth

Eligible for 30% off any Growth plan for 6 months:

  • Company is less than 4 years old
  • Raised no more than $4M in funding
  • Fewer than 15 employees

Growth plans includes access to Moesif platform for 5 team members, 1-year of data retention, and more. See plans.

If you are interested in learning more about Moesif’s Startup Program, please email or fill out the form here. Moesif looks forward to working with promising start-ups to help them get the most out of their data and to accelerate growth.

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Quickly Grow Your Analytic Capabilities With Moesif Quickly Grow Your Analytic Capabilities With Moesif

Quickly Grow Your Analytic Capabilities With Moesif

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