Introduction to Metered Billing

Metered Billing is a turnkey solution enabling you to monetize your APIs effortlessly. Because it doesn’t require any code changes, you can accelerate your monetization plans.

Overview of Metered Billing

Moesif supports direct integration with your favorite billing providers for metered billing. Simply create a new Metered Billing plan, plug in your billing provider, set up a filter to manage which API calls you want to bill for, and begin monetizing your APIs. You can create billing meters in Moesif in a few clicks that implement your usage-based pricing strategy.

Setup Billing Provider

First, you’ll want to connect Moesif to your billing provider like Stripe. This allows Moesif to automatically invoice and collect payments. Moesif supports prepaid, postpaid, tiered, and many other consumption-based models. You can also connect Moesif to a custom one via webhooks if the below does not work.

To get to the Metered Billing screen, simply click the Metered Billing navigation item in the left-side navigation.

Navigating to Metered Billing Screen

Billing plans report usage of your defined metric to your billing provider and charges them with the correct quantity for the plan’s billing period.