Support Access

An approved Moesif support representative can access your Moesif account after your explicit permission and relevant internal approvals to troubleshoot any issues that may arise in your Moesif environment.

This procedure is not available if you are using Moesif’s client-side encryption feature. If you lose your encryption keys, Moesif is unable to access or recover your data.

Viewing your account

  • The support representative has a limited and read-only view of your data, and cannot perform sensitive actions such as adding team members or triggering data exports.
  • Access is verified using MFA and Moesif’s identity management solution, Okta Auth0
  • Access is granted using ephemeral credentials limited to 12 hours, after which the procedure must be repeated.
  • All activity is logged and audited with the user id and time. You can also view this activity by going to the Audit Logs area within your Moesif account.
  • Only a small subset of Moesif employees have this ability.


  1. You must initiate this by emailing with the business reason. This must be completed even if you are using Moesif’s in-app chat and must come from an authorized user on your Moesif subscription.
  2. The Moesif representative will further verify by requesting your org id and token which can be found by navigating to the “Apps and Team” settings.

Administrating your account

  • If you require administrative changes to your account, the support representative must request a privileged admin to do so. These are limited to select members of our senior leadership team.
  • Admins still follow the same access procedures followed above and all access it logged.
  • The support request must come from an authorized admin on your subscription and may require further verification from an additional admin from your account.