API Analytics - Replaying API Calls in Postman

Moesif supports selecting and exporting API Calls as a Postman Collection for easy replay. This enables any problematic API calls or even sequences of API calls found in your production environments to be sent to Postman in order to reproduce the issue in a test / local environment.

You can even create robust test suites in Postman from your actual production API data in Moesif.

Replaying in Postman requires two simple steps and doesn’t even require a Postman account.

1. Export logged API calls from Moesif

From the Live API Log view, select the events you’d like to replay and select Run in Postman You can select any number of API calls.

Run in Postman Button

This will open up a new modal where you can download the generated Postman Collection.

2. Import logged API calls into Postman

Open up the Postman tool and click on the import button. Drag the download file into the import drop area.

Import Collection into Postman

From there, a new collection of requests will be created in Postman. You can then run or replay these requests using Postman tool. In addition, you’re able to take advantage of Postman’s sharing features by creating a Postman account.