Introduction to Behavioral Emails

Smart email automation is easy to achieve Behavioral Emails. Behavioral Emails enable you to notify your customers when they meet certain criteria such as exceeding quota limits, billing notifications, or running into integration errors.

Powered by our Behavioral Cohorts feature, you can easily create dynamic email lists and even recurring email workflows. You can design customer emails within our HTML Email Template editor and pick which cohorts of users will receive your email.

Moesif can use any SMTP compatible email provider, like SendGrid or AWS SES, allowing you to reuse your same DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) authentication and unsubscribe lists.

Accessing Moesif’s Behavioral Email feature can be done by clicking on the Behavioral Emails button on the left side navigation menu.

Behavioral Emails Menu Item

For a feature overview on behavioral emails, check out our product page.

How Behavioral Emails Work

The Behavioral Emails workflow is as follows:

  1. Driven by behavioral Saved Cohorts, an automated email workflow is triggered when a configured condition user/company is added or removed from a cohort
  2. A HTML-based email is then generated and populated. This is derived from a configured Email Template
  3. The actual email is then forwarded along to your email service provider (ESP)

Moesif enables you to use your existing email provider (ESP) such as SendGrid, Amazon SES, or Mailgun in order to send emails while maintaining your existing deliverability rates. By using your existing provider, you can maintain your existing DNS configurations, dedicated IP addresses, and unsubscribe lists, and other settings.

Moesif sends emails via your email provider using your SMTP credentials, which can be supplied by most providers.

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