Setup SMTP

Configuring Your SMTP Settings

Configuring Behavioral Emails with your Email Service Provider (ESP) is as simple as selecting the Edit Email Server button on the Behavioral Emails screen and plugging your SMTP credentials. Most email service providers provide credentials to enable access to their API using SMTP.

Edit Email Server Button

SMTP credentials can be obtained from most email service providers. Refer to your email service provider’s documentation.

Setting up SendGrid SMTP Credentials for Moesif

If you have a Gmail for Business account, you can also test with those SMTP credentials. However, we don’t recommend it for high volume email.

Testing Your SMTP Configuration

Before you can test your SMTP configuration, a saved behavioral cohort must already be created. Refer to the documentation for Saved Cohorts.

Once you add your SMTP credentials, you can test your configuration to ensure an email can be sent successfully. This is done in the Template Creation screen.

On the Behavioral Emails screen, select + Create Template, select a blank or pre-configured template, enter the required information and select a behavioral cohort, and finally select the Test button.

Sending a test email from a template

A modal will appear to confirm the email you’d like to send the test email to. Once an email is supplied, click Send to send the test email to the desired recipient.

Test email send modal

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