Moesif Docusaurus Plugin

A Docusaurus plugin for Moesif API Analytics built using moesif-browser-js.

For full documentation and configuration, see moesif-browser-js docs

The SDK automatically collects useful context from a user’s device including any marketing attribution, device type, and location information and stores in the user and/or company profile in Moesif. You can add additional customer properties such as user email and company domain via the identifyUser() and identifyCompany() methods.

The below Diagram shows how both docusaurus-plugin-moesif and a Moesif server integration to track both web and API traffic made by a customer.

Diagram of Moesif API monitoring and Docusaurus architecture

How to install

  1. Install docusaurus-plugin-moesif

    npm install --save docusaurus-plugin-moesif

  2. Add plugin to docusaurus.config.js

     module.exports = {
       plugins: ['docusaurus-plugin-moesif'],
       themeConfig: {
         moesif: {
           applicationId: 'Your Moesif Application Id',
           // Add other Moesif options here.
  3. Test it works

    Because the plugin is disabled when NODE_ENV is set to development, you’ll want to create a production build:

     npm run build
     npm run serve

How to use

Any of the Moesif browser APIs are accessible via window.moesif. The plugin tracks page views automatically but we also recommend identifying the user like so:

window.moesif.identifyUser("12345", {
  email: "",
  firstName: "John",
  lastName: "Doe",
  title: "Software Engineer",
  salesInfo: {
    stage: "Customer",
    lifetimeValue: 24000,
    accountOwner: "",

Configuration Options

For full list of configuration options, see this page.