API Analytics - Segmentation Reports

Segmentation allows you to analyze your API data into segments to find top X or bottom X. This is similar to GROUP BY in the SQL universe.

For example, to see who are the top customers of my API, we can group by “Company Domain” and select the metrics “Event Count”

Segmenting API Usage By Company

Moesif supports segmenting on any number of API and user/company filters. For example, we can expand on the first example to understand what is the most common response body label for each customer. To do this, we add a second group by for Response.Body.Label

Segmenting API calls

Custom metadata

Besides the Moesif predefined fields, you can filter and group by any custom field set in the the event metadata or user metadata. You can also group by arbitrary request or response HTTP headers.

Segmentation types

So far we selected to show Top X Terms, but Moesif can perform a variety of segmentation on different types such as numeric histograms, date histograms and more.