API Analytics - Segmentation Charts

API Call Segmentation allows you to organize your API data into segments. This is similar to GROUP BY in the SQL universe.

For example, to see which of your customers is experiencing the most API errors, you can filter by API calls with 401 - Unauthorized HTTP error code, and then group by customer email.

Custom metadata

Besides the Moesif predefined fields, you can filter and group by any custom field set in the the event metadata or user metadata. You can also group by arbitrary request or response HTTP headers.

For example, you can group by Content-Type to see if majority of your clients are sending application/json or application/xml.

Segmenting API calls

API protocol specific segmentation

Moesif will automatically detect the protocol used for your API such as RESTful, GraphQL, and Ethereum Web3, and add those API protocol fields to filters and segmentation. You will see additional fields specific to your protocol which you can also segment on. For example, if Moesif detects a GraphQL API, you’ll have the ability to segment your API data by the operation Nname or the operation type. On the other hand if Moesif detects a JSON-RPC API, you’ll be able to segment on JSON-RPC fields like the RPC method and individual params.

Please see the documentation for GraphQL Support and JSON-RPC Support for field schemas.