Client Integration

Client integrations enables you to identify users and track their website behavior to understand user journeys across your website and APIs together. This integrations also captures device context like geo location, browser version, marketing channel attribution, and UTM parameters.

The below Diagram shows how both a client integration and a server integration can be used together to track both web and API traffic made by a customer. This enables you to track the entire customer funnel such as the initial sign up to first API call conversion rate. See the below diagram.

Diagram of Moesif Moesif client and server monitoring architecture

With client integrations, you can track two things on your website:

  1. Identify users (or companies) and add metadata to their profile such as customer demographics
  2. Track user (or company) actions which is an event they performed such as “Signed Up”, “Viewed Docs”, or “Purchased Plan”

Users and companies are very similar entities except a company can contain a group of users and enables you to track usage at the account level.

You can decide to track only users, only companies, or both based on your business and requirements. Usually B2B companies should track both, where as API provided only to internal teams or B2C companies may find themselves sufficient with users only.

Client-side integrations automatically collect context from the customer’s session such marketing attribution and UTM tracking, their browser and OS, etc.

Moesif Browser SDK Browser SDK

moesif-browser-js can be used to save customer demographics like email or company name along with track user actions like “Signed In”. It’s available both on a CDN and as a NPM package.

If needed, you can also log outgoing AJAX API calls to third parties or your own APIs and supports standard AJAX calls, RPC, Web3, and more.

Docusaurus integration Docusaurus

If your using Docusaurus, docusaurus-plugin-moesif can be used which automatically imports moesif-browser-js and instruments Docusaurus to track page views. View instructions.

Google Tag Manager Extension google-tag-manager

If your already using Google Tag Manager, you can add the moesif-browser-js script without any code changes. View instructions

Segment Extension Segment

If your already using Segment, the Moesif Segment integration is the preferred way to track user attributes and their actions and installs without any code changes. In order to do so, go to the installation section within Moesif and click the Segment button to connect your account. View instructions