Introduction to Embedded Templates

This document explains how to use Moesif’s Embedded Templates to embed API logs and charts into customer-facing solutions.

This document assumes you are familiar with Dashboards and Workspaces.

What is an Embedded Metric?

Moesif lets you analyze your API in many ways that can unlock valuable business insights and monetization opportunities. In some scenarios, you may want to embed those metrics Moesif generates into custom or third-party solutions to progress further in your business requirements. Embedded metrics offer secure, customizable, and flexible approaches to share or embed your metrics for various use cases.

Why Use Embedded Metrics?

Embedded metrics let you integrate Moesif-generated analytics data and visualizations into enterprise applications and custom workflows. In cases where charts and reports in Moesif seem valuable to other team members who don’t have or require access to Moesif, you can still share those data.

The benefits of embedded metrics can span multiple domains and use cases:

  • Enhancing the portability of your business metrics and making them accessible to teams across and outside your company. This results in faster decision making and better proactivity.
  • Building consumer-facing applications that allow users to access and view their data and charts securely.
  • Delivering customized content improves user experience. This includes UI/UX components, filters, and chart elements.
  • Building custom dashboards, reports, and visualizations for consumption outside of Moesif.