Moesif’s Hubspot Integration

The Moesif Hubspot connector enables you to have business visibility into customer API usage right in Hubspot. You can create and trigger hyper-personalized customer emails once leads hit certain goals such as making their first API call or approaching plan limits.

Some of the emails you can create:

  • Email new users emails when they successfully integrated (or nudge them if they haven’t sent any API calls)
  • Warn customers when they are close to or have exceeded their plan’s quota
  • Email customers are using a deprecated or vulnerable SDK.
  • Notify customers when a higher than usual level of errors/SLA/rate limit exceeded.
  • Update all customers who were using the API when an outage occurred

  • A user in Moesif corresponds to a contact in Hubspot.
  • A company in Moesif corresponds to a company in Hubspot.

Moesif supports mapping any field to your Hubspot object including when customers first integrated with your platform, their first API call, and how much API usage have they used up.

The Moesif Hubspot integration also supports syncing behavioral cohorts. For example, if you create a company cohort in Moesif for new users this Month who made their first API call, that will be tagged to the contact or account object.

To get started, reach out to your dedicated account manager or email support.