Moesif’s Plugin

A quick overview of Moesif’s plugin and setup guide to automatically import error traces, device context, and customer events into tickets

Benefits of using Moesif and

  • Moesif is an API Analytics and debugging service for platform teams with support for REST, GraphQL, and more.

  • Ensure your customers succeed by having quick turnaround time rather than being stalled by incomplete log data. With Moesif’s hosted service, you have visibility to customers’ API history, error traces, and deep root cause analysis.

  • With the integration, Moesif sends detailed context like the error trace experienced by the customer, version info, and device info into your tickets.

  • View the error immediately in the customer’s ticket in the agent panel without resorting to manual log search. technical support case

How to setup Moesif with

This setup guide is specific to the Moesif integration. For general Moesif info, view product features.

  1. Log into your account get YOUR_PLUGIN_TOKEN. You’ll find your plugin token from Moesif Dashboard -> Top Right Menu -> Extensions Setup

  2. On Dash, go to Admin > Cases > Integration URLs and then Add New.

In Edit Integration URL form, enter the following (replacing YOUR_TOKEN with the one from Moesif):

Field Value
Open Location Canvas iFrame
URL{{ | uri_encode}}&externalId={{customer.uid | uri_encode}}&token=YOUR_PLUGIN_TOKEN integration onboarding