Profile View

Profile Views provides access to user and company account metrics in an easy and uniform fashion. Profile Views are completely customizable with a wide variety of metrics. Similar to Profile Dashboards, Profile Views also act as a form of a template and are specific to User and Company profiles. Any updates made to a Profile View will apply all layouts of the same profile type.

Profile View

Customizing Profile View fields

To add, edit, or rearrange which fields appear on the profile view, click on More Actions in the top right of the pane and then select Customize Profiles’ Layout.

Customize Profile Layout

The entire Profile View will then become editable.

Editable Profile Layout

Adding and removing Profile View fields

To add a new field to a column, click on the + button at the top of each column. Select which field you would like to add to the Profile View.

Adding Profile View Field

Any field can be removed by selecting the x button on the desired field.

Remove Profile View Field

Adding Profile View columns

Additional columns can be added by using the + button on the far right column.

Add Column Profile View

Select the initial field you would like to add and the new column will appear.

Change Profile View column icons

Icons can be changed on any given column. Select the icon at the top of the column and select one from the displayed list.

Change Profile View Icon

Rearranging Profile View fields and columns

Fields and columns can be rearranged by clicking and dragging the dotted handles on a given field or column, respectively.

Rearrange Profile View Fields and Columns

Saving Profile Views

For changes to be applied to Profile Views, click the Save button on the top right of the screen.

Save Profile View