User/Company Notifications

With User (and Company) Notifications, you can receive notifications when customers match specific behaviors such as when users made their first API call or when a user hasn’t performed any traffic after X days.

Moesif will send customer notifications specifying which users (or companies) were added and removed to a saved behavioral cohort that you created. A saved cohort is a dynamic list of customers that match your specific criteria. An example behavioral cohort would be New users who made their first API call today.

Example use cases:

  • Trigger marketing automation workflows such as when a customer makes their first API call.
  • Receive Slack notifications on struggling customers with issues and proactively reach out.
  • Get email update when customers stop sending traffic

Alert Rules vs Cohort Notifications

For background, Moesif has two different notification systems for different use cases. This page is focused on User Notifications.

  • User Notifications will send a list of users (or companies) that match your specific behavior such as customers who made their first API call. There are no metrics involved, rather the notification is a list of customers.
  • Alert Rules monitor a time-series metric such as average latency or request volume in real-time and alerts you when the metric deviates from what you expect. The alert can be triggered when the metric passes a static threshold or when Moesif detects an anomaly. Alert rules can also be multi-dimensional which allows you to track metrics on a per customer level.
Name Type Primary User Use Case Example Metrics Frequency
User Notifications User behavior centric Marketing & Customer Success Receive notifications on customers who exhibit certain behaviors Whenever customer added to a cohort (sent as a batch)  
Alert Rules Time-series centric Product & Engineering Receive alerts when a metric has abnormal behavior or passes a threshold Real-time or specific intervals  

How to set up user notifications

1. Create a saved cohort

Go to Users (or Companies) from the left sidebar menu. Under User/Company Lookup, add your set of filters for the target customers you’re interested in.

For example, if you’re interested in receiving notifications when customers made their first API Call today, but they also saw 400 errors, we would add the following filter criteria: _ Users who’s first_seen_time is today_ and Who performed an API Call where response status is 400

Users who made first API Call and 400 error

Click the orange Save Cohort button from the top right menu and give it a name. Once created, follow the link to view saved cohorts.

More instructions on creating saved cohorts is here.

2. Add channel to saved cohort

Now that you’re behavioral cohort is saved, you’ll want to add a notification channel so you receive updates. Select Users or Companies from the left sidebar bar, then select Saved User/Company Cohorts.

This will display a list of all the saved cohorts you have created in Moesif. For the cohort you just created, click the plus sign under the Notifications column.

Add User Notification

You’ll need to select a channel to send the notification to or you can create a new channel. Currently, Webhooks, Slack_, and Email are supported channels.

An example notification with its JSON is displayed in the pop up.

User Notification Webhook

Receiving notifications

You’ll receive notifications as customers are added or removed from your cohort based on their behavior. To avoid sending too many notifications, this will happen in batches (usually within 15 to 30 minutes).