Introduction to Event Analytics and Logging

If you’re not already familiar with API analytics, see Moesif’s e-book API Analytics: The Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Platform Business.

Moesif’s API Analytics suite allows you to get user-centric insights into API usage and user behaviors. Moesif’s platform leverages high-cardinality, high-dimension analytics. This means you can filter and aggregate billions of API calls and custom actions on pretty much any field even for a high-cardinality field like a session token or user ID.

A high-cardinality field contains a large number of distinct values. For example, a field like user ID, that uniquely identifies each user.

Moesif’s API Analytics suite supports the following metric types for different requirements and use cases:

This document gives a general overview of and explains some of the common features available in all metric types and analysis.

API Calls

The API Calls event type in Moesif represents any event that involves calling an API. Using a Moesif server integration, Moesif can log API calls for popular API gateways and API frameworks.

To display only API calls in a time-series chart, specify Event Call as the filter.


The Actions event type in Moesif represents custom actions that occur in the UI of your product. For example, a user signing in, a new user signing up, or a user viewing the product documentation. You can track these custom events with a Moesif client integration.

To display only Actions in a time-series chart, specify Event as the filter.


Moesif offers a vast array of filters that can provide deeper insights into your API analytics data. These filters allow you to construct powerful and complex queries for different metric types and build intuitive visualizations.

For a reference documentation for the filters, see Reference: Analytics Filters.

API protocol support

Moesif supports a variety of API protocols including REST, GraphQL, and Ethereum Web3 (JSON-RPC) APIs. For more information, see GraphQL Support and JSON-RPC Support.

Share Workspaces

Moesif allows you to select specific data to share with your partners or customers without exposing all your API data. You can securely share your metrics and visualizations in different ways that suit your requirements.

For more information, see Sharing Workspaces.

Bookmarkable URLs

Moesif persists any active search criteria to the browser’s address bar. You can pass the URL in your browser’s address bar to a teammate and they see the same data with the filters you’ve already applied. Therefore, your teammates don’t have to apply those filters again. This makes sharing and saving your favorite searches fast and easy.