Developer Relations and Marketing

Marketing to Developers During a Recession

Presentation at DevRelCon Earth on Marketing to Developers During a Recession


API Security

Top 10 API Security Threats Every API Team Should Know

A list of the most important API security threats that API providers and engineering teams should know.


API Development

API Tools for Every Phase of the API Lifecycle

A guide on the different phases an API project usually has and popular tools for each phase.


API Analytics and Monitoring

Comparison of Open Source API Analytics and Monitoring Tools

A guide comparing various dashboards and metrics tools for API analytics use cases.


API Development

How to Best Monitor Kong Performance and API Usage with the Moesif API Analytics Plugin

Learn how to use Moesif’s native plugin for Kong to monitor API performance and usage.


Developer Relations and Marketing

How to Improve Developer Experience by Guiding Developers with Customer Lifecycle Emails using Moesif with Hubspot or Salesforce

Use Moesif + HubSpot to streamline self-service developer onboarding. Unique insights into finding, reaching out & solving developer issues at scale.


Developer Relations and Marketing

How to Market to Developers with Paid Marketing

How to market to developers efficiently using paid advertising leveraging inbound marketing techniques


API Strategy

Customer Health Metrics Help CSM Teams Reduce Churn and Accelerate Upsell in API Platform Companies

Product enhancement enables detailed monitoring and alerting to detect patterns or anomalies down to the customer level


API Strategy

Why Data-Driven Customer Success is Essential in Today’s COVID-19 World

How CSM can keep customers happy and reduce churn by closely tracking key API metrics


API Product Management

Tracking a Developer’s Journey From Documentation Visit and Sign Up to First API Call

If you’re only measuring website activity or API traffic, you only see half the story


API Product Management

API-First Product Managers’ Popular API Tools and API Metrics

Interview results from PMs at San Francisco companies with >$100M revenue


API Product Management

What Are Good Traits That Make A Great API Product Managers

What is API product management and what can you be doing to be a better API product manager


Developer Relations and Marketing

How to Maintain Developer Relations in a Post COVID-19 World

What can your DevRel team do when no one is traveling?



Leveraging User Behavioral Analytics for API Analytics Platforms

Product update: Gain new insights into the behavior of your companies and users over your API. Use advanced behavioral analytics from Moesif to inform on you...


API Strategy

Four Of The Most Important Issues When Working From Home In An API Product Company

Every work-at-homer needs to plan their physical space, time and technology, but in data-driven orgs, it’s also paramount to keep everyone aligned on busines...


Developer Relations and Marketing

What’s Next for Developer Platforms: Embedded Integrations and APIs

Technical and UX considerations for successfully embedding third party applications in your developer platform