Getting Started with Moesif API Analytics

Why Moesif?

Moesif is the most advanced API analytics service with native support for RESTful, GraphQL, and other web APIs. It allows you to get deep visibility into how your APIs are used by customers and the issues they may face. Moesif prevents minor issues from becoming major outages through monitoring of your live API traffic for anomalies. The Moesif platform has three core features

Who is Moesif for?

Moesif is designed for any company where APIs are core to their business and products. This includes APIs-as-a-product, developer platforms, partner communities, and even internal APIs designed to be consumed by other teams.

What does Moesif support?

Moesif supports any API which includes REST, GraphQL, RPC, SOAP, etc and can instrument both incoming API calls hitting your services, or outgoing API calls to 3rd parties

Moesif can work with any content type/encoding even gzip or binary formats such as PROTOBUF.

Binary (i.e. non JSON or XML) formats such as Protobuf and Thrift binary data have some limitations for deeper body analytics.

Moesif supports traditional APIs running on-premises or on cloud provider VM’s such AWS EC2 or Azure. Moesif also supports Serverless and BaaS platforms such as AWS Lambda, Heroku, and Azure Web Apps.

How does Moesif work?

Moesif is a fully managed SaaS service running on AWS and Azure. Moesif has open source SDKs and API gateway plugins to automatically instrument your API and collect metrics. Most SDKs can be installed in about 20 or 30 minutes and provide a variety of hooks and options to customize for your use case.

What data does Moesif log and analyze?

Moesif logs and analyzes three entities, API Calls, Users, and Companies.

API Calls

An API Call includes all the attributes for a single HTTP request/response. This includes the request HTTP headers and body, the response headers and body, timing of the calls, the status code, etc. In addition to the standard attributes Moesif tracks, you can append any custom JSON metadata to any API calls though our middleware.


A user is an individual consumer of your API and identified via your application specific user_id. Users in Moesif can be associated with various properties like the user’s email, first and last name, when they were last seen using the API, among other things.

You can enrich users in Moesif with any custom JSON metadata via our API libs or use one of our integrations like Zapier.


Moesif can also track Companies, not just individual users. If your customers are other businesses, you may want to track both individual users separately along with the organization or account that the user is a member of. You can track both users and companies in Moesif simultaneously, but it’s not required. You can also track only companies or only users.

For example, if you’re an API provider, users may the be the individual employees name, email, and employment title creating API token and calling your API while companies can track the organization name and monthly revenue. Like users, you can enrich companies with data in your CRM or other tools.