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Live Event Logs

Monitor API Calls

Debug issues quickly with high-cardinality API logs. Drill down by API parameters, body fields, customer attributes, and more.

API Calls
Segmentation Reports

Understand API Usage

Deeply understand who is using your APIs, how they are used, and payloads their sending.

Funnel Analysis

Increase Conversion

Pinpoint where customers drop off in your funnel and see how to optimize your product strategy.

Funnel Analysis

Target Customers

Automatically email customers approaching rate limits, using deprecated APIs, and more based on behavior.

Behavioral Emails

Empower every team with self-serve API analytics

Integrate with your stack



Track usage across both web and API products and guide customers better.



View trial usage in your CRM and prioritize outreach for expansion and retention goals.



Get alerted on performance issues, security threats, and more.

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