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Moesif vs Web Analytics

Web analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel are great for tracking website activity. However, they are not designed for the unique challenges of monetizing API products. With support for analytics on high-cardinality, high-dimension fields like API calls, deeply understand your API usage and customer journey without maintaining a patchwork of disparate tools

With features like metered billing and API governance, have the right tools to turn your APIs into revenue centers.

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Moesif vs Web Analytics

Integrations for most API Gateways

Native plugins for most API gateways that install in just a few minutes.

Get a unified view of customer API usage across many different gateways and APIs.

Data management features like dynamic sampling enables you to control what data is collected.

Integrations for most API Gateways

Understand your API business with Moesif

Stay on top of customer health with account-based dashboards.

Deeply understand developer activation and retention metrics.

Embed usage metrics in your developer portal.

Understand your API business with Moesif
Moesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics
CategoryTrack both web and API usageTrack only web and mobile apps
Primary use caseMoesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics
B2B and Developer Platforms
Consumer-facing Apps
Events with Large Number of High-Cardinality Properties
Large Number of Event Types with Few Properties
Analytics FeaturesMoesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics
Real-Time API Logs and Metrics
Automatic Analysis of REST, SOAP, and GraphQL APIs
Insights on Query Params, Payload Fields, and more automatically
Web Analytics
API Product Analytics
Cross-Platform Retention Analysis
Cross-Platform Funnel Analysis
Time to First Hello World (TTFHW) Metrics
Dashboards and CollaborationMoesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics
Custom Dashboards
Customer Profile Dashboards
Public Share Links
API MonetizationMoesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics
Billing Meters
Automatic Invoicing
Sync Revenue Data
No Transaction Fees
API GovernanceMoesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics
Plan Quota Enforcement
Automatically Block API Abuse
API MonitoringMoesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics
Real-time API Monitoring
Anomaly Detection
Customer Notifications
Cost ReductionMoesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics
Dynamic Sampling Based on Behavior
Privacy Rules and Masking
Customer GuidanceMoesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics
Behaviorally-driven Customer Emails
Embedded API Metrics in Customer-Facing Apps
Target Customers with Behavioral Cohorts
Customer Enrichment with demographic data
Automatic GDPR/CCPA Compliance for APIs
ImplementationMoesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics
Integrations for most API Gateways and Frameworks
Client-Side Encryption for Sensitive Data
Dynamic Sampling for High-Volume APIs
Reliable High-volume Data Collection
Accurate Customer Identification Cross-Platforms
Native SDKs for Browser, iOS, Android, and Unity
Moesif API AnalyticsWeb Analytics

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