Moesif vs Web Analytics

Web analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel are great for tracking website activity. However, they are not designed for the unique challenges of tracking usage of high-volume APIs and tieing it back to the customer.

User-centric API analytics tools like Moesif empower your product and growth teams with with self-service analytics designed for API-first products so you can track the entire customer journey from initial sign up to first API call without maintaining a patchwork of disparate tools.

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Moesif vs Web Analytics
Moesif API AnalyticsWeb / Mobile Analytics
CategoryTrack cross-platform web and API usageTrack only web and mobile apps
Primary use caseMoesif API AnalyticsWeb / Mobile Analytics
B2B and SaaS Platforms/APIs
Consumer and E-commerce Apps
Events with Large Number of High-Cardinality Properties
Large Number of Event Types with Few Properties
Analytics FeaturesMoesif API AnalyticsWeb / Mobile Analytics
Automatic Analysis of REST and GraphQL APIs
Track URL Query and Body Parameter Usage
Real-Time API Logs and Metrics
Track Both Website and API Usage
Marketing Channel Attribution
Developer Funnel Analysis
Track Time to First Hello World (First API Call)
User & Company API Activity
Developer Relations Management
Customer Enrichment from Clearbit
Monitor for API Performance
Identify accounts likely to churn
API Cohort Retention Analysis
HTTP Waterfalls, Heatmaps & more
Custom API Dashboards
Embedded API Logs and Charts
Simplify GDPR/CCPA Compliance
Import Swagger/OpenAPI Definitions
Endpoint Utilization and Deprecation Analysis
Accurate Session Tracking without Cookies
ImplementationMoesif API AnalyticsWeb / Mobile Analytics
Native SDKs for Node.js, Python, Go, C#, and More
Dynamic Sampling for High-Volume APIs
Consistent Data Collection From Same Host
Native SDKs for Browser, iOS, Android, and Unity
Moesif API AnalyticsWeb / Mobile Analytics

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