Moesif vs APM

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools like New Relic, Datadog, and Lightstep are great for debugging infrastructure problems. However, they are not aligned with business goals around customer adoption, usage and retention slowing down decision making.

User-centric API analytics tools like Moesif empower your product, growth, and support teams with with self-service analytics designed for API platforms so you can track the customer journey from initial sign up to first API call. Read our eBook on how to align API monitoring to product goals.

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Moesif vs APM
Moesif API AnalyticsApplication Performance Monitoring
CategoryUser Behavior API AnalyticsInfrastructure Metrics
Primary use caseMoesif API AnalyticsApplication Performance Monitoring
Understand adoption and the customer journey
Track customer API usage and retention
Identify leading indicators of customer churn
Debug customer issues
Monitor machine health
Debug infrastructure problems
Investigate stack traces and outages
Analytics FeaturesMoesif API AnalyticsApplication Performance Monitoring
Automatic Analysis of REST and GraphQL APIs
Track URL Query and Body Parameter Usage
Real-Time API Logs and Metrics
Track Users and Website Activity
Marketing Channel Attribution
Conversion Funnel Analysis
Track Time to First Hello World (First API Call)
Create Customer Behavior Cohorts
Measure Retention and Stickiness
Customer Enrichment from Clearbit
User-Centric API Monitoring
Monitor Customer Health and Churn
HTTP Waterfalls, Segmentation, Heatmaps & more
Custom Team Dashboards
Embedded API Logs and Charts
Simplify GDPR/CCPA Compliance
Import Swagger/OpenAPI Definitions
Endpoint Utilization and Deprecation Analysis
ImplementationMoesif API AnalyticsApplication Performance Monitoring
High Dimension, High-cardinality Events
Enrich with customer context
Pre-aggregated Time Series with Few Dimensions
Sync with CRM, BI, marketing automation & more
Dynamic Sampling for High-Volume APIs
Zero-Knowledge Security
Polygot GraphQL & REST API Support
Monolithic Web App Support
Moesif API AnalyticsApplication Performance Monitoring

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