Moesif vs APM

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools like New Relic, Datadog, and Lightstep are great for root causing errors within your infrastructure and service mesh. In fact, we use New Relic and Azure Monitor ourselves. However, they are not designed to understand user behaviors down to the individual customer level and analyzing experiences across customers.

Customer-centric API analytics tools like Moesif empower your engineering and support teams with a full view of how customers are actually experiencing your service and where it falls short. Checkout our technical guide time-based vs user-centric architecture and data store.

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Moesif vs APM
Moesif API AnalyticsApplication Performance Monitoring
CategoryUser Behavioral Analytics/Customer-centricInfrastructure Metrics/Time-based
Primary use caseMoesif API AnalyticsApplication Performance Monitoring
Full view of how individual users experience your API
Find issues impacting customer experience
Track API adoption and user behavior
Full view of individual servers/VMs
Find bugs deep in service mesh
Track stack traces and exceptions
Analytics FeaturesMoesif API AnalyticsApplication Performance Monitoring
Automatic Analysis of REST and GraphQL Endpoints
Sync with Swagger/OpenAPI Definitions
URL Query and Body Parameter Usage
Conversion Funnel Metrics
Track Time to First Hello World
Measure Product Retention and Stickiness
Analyze long-term trends
User & Company Profiles
Custom metrics like latency percentiles, etc
Simplifies GDPR Compliance
Customer Health and Experience Monitoring
HTTP Waterfalls and Heatmaps
Real-time API Logs
Custom Real-time Dashboards
API Real User Monitoring (API RUM)
Endpoint Utilization and Deprecation Analysis
ImplementationMoesif API AnalyticsApplication Performance Monitoring
Events with High-cardinality Fields
Pre-aggregated Time Series with Few Dimensions
Sync with CRM, BI, marketing automation & more
Configurable Per-customer Sampling
Polygot GraphQL & REST API Support
Monolithic Web App Support
Moesif API AnalyticsApplication Performance Monitoring

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