Moesif vs Kibana

Kibana and Grafana are great visualization tools. However, logs are unstructured limiting their use for investigating complex API issues and User Behavior Analytics (UBA).

Moesif combines high-cardinality, high-dimension analytics with a user-centric architecture enabling you to answer any question around your APIs in superhuman time.

In addition, Moesif can take action automatically such as detect and block users who abuse your API. Then, send those users a warning email informing them of your rate limits.

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Moesif vs Kibana
Moesif API AnalyticsKibana
CategoryUser Behavior API Analytics and ObservabilityLog Visualization
API AnalyticsMoesif API AnalyticsKibana and ELK Stack
Real-Time API Logs
High-cardinality, High-dimension API Metrics
Automatic Analysis of REST and GraphQL APIs
Insights on Query Params, Payload Fields, and more automatically
Real-time API Logs
Track Users and Behavior
Customer Profiles and Activity
Funnel Analysis
Cohort Retention Analysis
API Security & GovernanceMoesif API AnalyticsKibana and ELK Stack
Automatically Block API Abusers
Detect and Prevent API Threats
Rate Limits and Governance
API MonitoringMoesif API AnalyticsKibana and ELK Stack
Real-time API Monitoring
Anomaly Detection
Monitor User Health and Usage
Cost ReductionMoesif API AnalyticsKibana and ELK Stack
Dynamic Sampling Based on Behavior
Zero Maintenance
Workflow AutomationMoesif API AnalyticsKibana and ELK Stack
Behaviorally-driven Customer Emails
Embedded API Logs and Charts
Connect to CRM, Marketing Automation, and More
Customer Enrichment from Clearbit, GitHub, etc
Simplified GDPR/CCPA Compliance
Dashboards and CollaborationMoesif API AnalyticsKibana and ELK Stack
Custom Dashboards
Public Share Links
ImplementationMoesif API AnalyticsKibana and ELK Stack
Automatic Instrumentation with SDKs and API Gateway Plugins
Hosted Service
Zero-Knowledge Security
Single Sign-On with RBAC
Moesif API AnalyticsKibana and ELK Stack

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