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API Monetization for API Gateways

Complements your existing API gateway/management solution with the right tools to productize and monetize APIs. Easily monetize your APIs with usage-based API billing. Gain insights into how customers adopt your APIs with API product analytics.

Moesif has native plugins for popular API gateways like Kong, Amazon API Gateway, Azure APIM, Tyk, NGINX, and more so you can get started in a few minutes and stay focused driving product-led growth.

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API Monetization for API Gateways

Meter and Invoice Customers

Meter any usage metric such as API transactions, feature utilization, or unique users.

Implement prepaid, postpaid, PAYG, and other usage-based pricing models with a few clicks

Connect Moesif to a billing provider like Stripe in minutes for automatic invoicing.

Meter and Invoice Customers

Understand your API business with Moesif

Stay on top of customer health with customizable dashboards and reports.

Deeply understand how customers use your APIs and value they get.

Embed usage metrics in your developer portal.

Understand your API business with Moesif

Integrations for most API Gateways

Native plugins for most API gateways that install in just a few minutes.

Get a unified view of customer API usage even across different gateways and services.

Data management features like dynamic sampling enables you to control what data is collected.

Integrations for most API Gateways
Moesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway
CategoryAPI Product AnalyticsAPI Middleware
API AnalyticsMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway
Automatic Analysis of REST, SOAP, and GraphQL APIs
Insights on Query Params, Payload Fields, and more automatically
API Product Analytics
Real-time API Logs with multi-year retention
Funnel Analysis
Cohort Retention Analysis
Dashboards and CollaborationMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway
Custom Dashboards
Customer Profile Dashboards
Public Share Links
API MonetizationMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway
Billing Meters
Automatic Invoicing
Sync Revenue Data
No Transaction Fees
API GovernanceMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway
Plan Quota Enforcement
Automatically Block API Abuse
API MonitoringMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway
Real-Time Alert Rules
Anomaly Detection
Customer Notifications
Customer GuidanceMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway
Behaviorally-driven Customer Emails
Embedded API Metrics in Customer-Facing Apps
Target Customers with Behavioral Cohorts
API ManagementMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway
API Key Creation and Management
Rate Limiting
Caching & CORS Policies
Data Transformation (i.e. SOAP to REST)
Routing to Different Backends
Metrics for Infrastructure/SRE
Data ManagementMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway
Tag and Catalog APIs
Dynamic Sampling Based on Behavior
Privacy Rules
Enrichment with Demographics
ImplementationMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway
High Dimension, High-cardinality Analytics
Pre-aggregated Metrics with Few Dimensions
Sync with CRM, BI, billing providers & more
Client-Side Encryption for Sensitive Data
Managed SaaS with zero maintenance
Multi-year data retention
On-premises / Proxy server installation
Requires data store like Cassandra and Redis
Moesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateway

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