Analytics for API Gateways

Moesif complements existing API gateways/management middleware with the product and business metrics that matter most to build a growing platform.

With native plugins for popular API gateways like Kong, 3Scale, Tyk, NGINX, and Apollo GraphQL, get started with User-centric API analytics in just a few minutes.

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Analytics for API Gateways

Moesif fits nicely in your API management stack

Native plugins for popular API gateways that install in just a few minutes without impacting performance.

Get a unified view of customer demographics and API behavior in multi-cloud architectures.

Sync usage data to tools like Segment, Salesforce, and Hubspot to understand the full customer journey.

Moesif fits nicely in your API management stack

Understand platform adoption and usage

Track product metrics that matter like Time to First Hello World (TTFHW) and activation rate.

Leverage cohort retention analysis to discover what makes customers integrate and stick around.

Monitor for account health and hidden API issues leading to customer churn.

Understand platform adoption and usage
Moesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateways
CategoryUser-centric API analytics & monitoringHTTP server & middleware
AudienceMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateways
Infrastructure/Site Reliability
Product & Engineering
Marketing & Developer Relations
Customer Success & Support
API AnalyticsMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateways
Automatic Analysis of REST and GraphQL APIs
Track URL Query and Body Parameter Usage
Real-Time API Logs and Metrics
Track Users and Website Activity
Marketing Channel Attribution
Conversion Funnel Analysis
Track Time to First Hello World (First API Call)
Create Customer Behavior Cohorts
Measure Retention and Stickiness
Customer Enrichment from Clearbit
User-Centric API Monitoring
Monitor Customer Health and Churn
Sync with CRM, BI, marketing automation & more
Custom Team Dashboards
Embedded API Logs and Charts
Multi-year data retention
HTTP Waterfalls, Segmentation, Heatmaps & more
Simplify GDPR/CCPA Compliance
Import Swagger/OpenAPI Definitions
API GatewaysMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateways
Authentication & API Key Creation
Rate Limiting & Quotas
Caching & CORS Policies
Data Validation & Transformation
API Versioning
Metrics for Infrastructure/SRE
ImplementationMoesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateways
Managed SaaS with zero maintenance
Agent-based plugin
Dynamic Sampling for High-Volume APIs
Zero-Knowledge Security
Polygot GraphQL & REST API support
On-premises installation
Gateway/proxy server based implementation
Requires date stores like Cassandra and Redis
Moesif API AnalyticsAPI Gateways

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