Product Analytics for Modern APIs

Driving business growth requires deep understanding of how customers are using your APIs, whetherREST, GraphQL, or over Web3. Moesif goes beyond IT monitoring tools by answering complex questions that improve the API and Developer Experience (DX).

Sophisticated product teams use Moesif to analyze API usage and unlock insights that lead to higher customer satisfaction and LTV.

machine analyze apis

API product analytics that uncover insights and drive growth

  • Understand customer API usage via heat maps, time series, and segmentation charts.
  • Sync your customer data with Moesif to know exactly which customers are doing what.
  • Segment API calls by key transactions, customer, geography and SDK version.
  • Dig into what APIs drive the most customer engagement, value and growth.
drive api growth

Manage change and impact to customers to minimize disruption

  • Know which customers were impacted by changes, bugs and outages and keep them informed.
  • Measure adoption rate of new API features and SDKs.
  • Check if customers are using recommended features and integrations.
customer impact

Know the users consuming your API

  • Dig into what API calls your most valuable customer is making against your API.
  • Sync your company metadata to users in Moesif to know who they are.
  • Moesif can even tell you if they’re hitting a known issue.
user trace

Get the Big Picture in One Dashboard

api dashboard

Work with many APIs? Our open-source collectors can capture a variety of sources. Moesif ties these together so you can understand the full picture across many APIs.

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