Modern Customer and API Analytics

Make smarter decisions that improve the customer experience based on how customers and partners use your APIs, not just guessing.

Whether REST, GraphQL, or over Web3, Moesif goes beyond useless logs and slow SQL queries to answer complex questions that deliver growth.

machine analyze apis

Understand API behavior that drives growth

  • Track API usage via heat maps, time series, and segmentation charts.
  • Understand what your most loyal customers are doing with your APIs, how they're accessing them, and from where.
  • Improve your API metrics and customer retention to drive revenue.
drive api growth

Democratize access to data for the entire team

  • Help business users make smarter decisions without slow SQL queries or log search.
  • Share insights that drive your newly acquired customers to full integration without delays.
  • Measure growth and impact of every new API feature and SDK release
customer impact

Know your customers with User Analytics

  • Sync your Salesforce and Zendesk data to enrich Moesif and track accounts, not just API accesses.
  • Easily look up what caused an active customer to stay or leave.
  • Send targeted emails to customers who experienced a similar issue during integration.
user trace

Get the Big Picture in One Dashboard

api dashboard

Have many APIs? Our open-source SDKs and API Gateway Plugins captures from a variety of sources. Moesif automatically ties everything together so you can get the full picture.

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