Real-time API Debugging

Find API issues that traditional logs and crash reporting don't see with the Moesif API debugger. Traditional logs are plain text strings with little context forcing you to spend hours debugging with slow regex and manual HTTP log analysis.

API Developers turn to Moesif with support for REST API logging along with analyzing GraphQL and Ethereum Web3 APIs. Leverage ML features like Smart Diff Correlation to perform fast root cause analysis of API issues whether for one customer or to put out system wide fires.

Automate your root cause process

  • Use Smart Diff to auto-correlate millions of API events to find the needle in the haystack.
  • Reverse funnel analysis to understand the path of business transactions leading to errors.
  • Provide context to when and how errors occur with error analytics.
sankey debugging tool

Tail API streams in real-time

  • Track HTTP requests in real-time and inspect the fully logged HTTP request and response.
  • Dynamically filter log streams by attributes like user id, REST route, or GraphQL operation.
  • Reproduce any problem quickly with Run in Postman.
live stream of APIs

Powerful search and aggregation engine

  • Search millions of events by user email, REST route, GraphQL operation, HTTP headers and more in less than a second.
  • Plot aggregations and http traces for a high level view with our large library of charts.
  • Share useful workspaces with teammates while maintaining control with data export tools.
search and aggregation engine

Don't lose track of issues, connect with tools you use daily

integration with third party services
  • Moesif connects with customer service tools, issue tracking tools, and others.
  • Let customer service view API issues encountered by customers within Zendesk or Freshdesk.
  • Send detected and triaged errors to JIRA, Trello, Slack, or PagerDuty.
  • Replay in Postman.

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