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Build great API products with a deep understanding of API usage and user behavior. Answer critical business and engineering questions around your APIs needed to drive the right outcomes.

Moesif API Analytics empowers your teams with powerful self-serve reporting to remove bottlenecks from traditionally busy business intelligence teams or aging data infrastructure.

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What kinds of questions can API Analytics answer?


Moesif is leveraged by teams around the company, from engineering to product to sales to customer success, to give every part of the business visibility into customer API usage, helping us ship new API products with speed and confidence.

Nick Patrick

CEO - RadarSee Case Studies

Deeply understand how APIs are used

Track API usage via heat maps, time series, segmentation, funnels, retention charts, and more.

Segment and aggregate by URI request, HTTP headers, body fields, or customer demographics.

Analyze funnel metrics like Time to First Hello World (TTFHW) and see where users drop off.

Deeply understand how APIs are used

Democratize access to data across your organization

Help business teams make informed decisions with self-serve access to reports and dashboards.

Pre-built integrations ensure data in Moesif can easily get in other BI, CRM, and analytics tools.

Share and track results with management via shareable dashboards.

Democratize access to data across your organization

Powerful user behavior analytics, not just API logs

Incorporate user and web activity tracking to fully understand the customer experience.

Understand API usage by customer demographics with automatic Clearbit enrichment and extensions like Salesforce.

Identify customers struggling to integrate your APIs and automate outreach.

Powerful user behavior analytics, not just API logs

Get 360° customer analytics in one dashboard

Unified Dashboard

With pre-built reports for product KPIs, move beyond infrastructure monitoring in minutes or build your own dashboard.

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