API Analytics

Understand how customers and partners are using your APIs and track account health with advanced features like segmentation and cohort retention analysis.

Moesif API Analytics goes beyond slow SQL queries to answer complex questions in real-time that enables you to quickly deliver month-over-month business growth while retaining customers.

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What kinds of questions can API Analytics answer?

Understand long term trends that drives growth

Track API and customer usage via heat map, time series, segmentation, and retention charts.

Understand what your most loyal customers are doing with your APIs, how they're accessing them, and from where.

Improve your API metrics and customer experience by investing in the right initiatives.

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Democratize access to data across your organization

Help business teams make informed decisions quickly without learning SQL. charts.

Pre-built integrations ensure data in Moesif can easily get in other BI, CRM, and analytics tools.

Share and track results with management via shareable dashboards.

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Customer-centric API analytics, not just API logs

Enrich Moesif with data in tools like Clearbit and Salesforce to track account health and users calling your APIs.

Easily look up what causes an active customer to stay or churn.

Send targeted emails to customers who experienced issues based on their usage.

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Get 360° customer and partner analytics in one dashboard

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Have many APIs? Our open-source SDKs and API Gateway Plugins like Kong and AWS analyzes APIs from a variety of sources. Moesif automatically ties everything together so you can get the full picture.

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