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Build better API products with powerful API insights on how customers use your APIs and web apps. Deeply understand the value customers get from your APIs and focus on the metrics that matters. Automatically trigger emails that guide customers during activation or notify them of issues like hitting rate limits.

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What kinds of product questions can Moesif API Analytics answer?


A lot of the built in reports that you have are exactly the kind of product questions that an API product company is going to want.

James Messinger

Director of Developer Experience - ShipEngineSee Case Studies

Understand API usage and customer behavior

Deeply understand how your APIs are adopted are used by customers.

Drill into API usage metrics by API resources, payload fields, customer demographics, and more.

Deeply understand the value created from your APIs and invest in the right product strategy.

Understand API usage and customer behavior

Pinpoint where customers drop off

Find where new users struggle with or APIs or drop off with funnel analysis.

Drill into conversion metrics like Time to First Hello World (TTFHW) by demographics, product experiments, and more.

Discover signals that might lead to high churn with cohort retention analysis.

Pinpoint where customers drop off

Keep customers informed at scale

Automatically nudge customers to integrate with behavioral emails.

Create workflows to notify customers of rate limits, subscription usage, and other key events.

Embed beautiful API logs and metrics in your customer-facing portal in a few clicks.

Keep customers informed at scale

Create your daily dashboard and track against product goals

Automatic Instrumentation

Track your API KPIs with plenty of pre built dashboards or create your own.

Get PagerDuty and Slack alerts when API metrics rise or fall.

Integrate with the rest of your product analytics stack



Track usage across both web and API products and guide customers better.



View trial usage in your CRM and prioritize outreach for expansion and retention goals.



Get alerted on performance issues, security threats, and more.

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