Build API Platforms that Drive Growth

Convert, engage, and retain customers better with deep business insights into how customers adopt and use your API platform. Understand the business value your APIs provide and build the product strategy that matters. Leverage API behavioral data to scale personalized outreach and automatically guide customers.

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Build API Platforms that Drive Growth

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Moesif is leveraged by teams around the company, from engineering to product to sales to customer success, to give every part of the business visibility into customer API usage, helping us ship new API products with speed and confidence.

Nick Patrick

CEO - RadarSee Case Studies

Deeply understand customer API usage

Understand how customers use your APIs and web apps with with User Behavior API Analytics.

Track the business value APIs create and where to optimize your product strategy

Slice and dice billions of API calls by user demographics, payload data, and more for business insights.

Deeply understand customer API usage

Convert and retain customers

Track funnel metrics like Time to First Hello World (TTFHW) and understand where users drop off.

Monitor self-serve activation metrics and the path to enterprise level usage.

Discover signals that lead to high churn with cohort retention analysis.

Convert and retain customers

Share your API KPIs with the entire team

Track key metrics daily like Active Users, endpoint utilization, and top customers of your APIs.

Share dashboards with team members and key stakeholders.

Track customer journey and target customers better with integrations with CRM, marketing automation, and more.

Share your API KPIs with the entire team

Monitor and resolve customer issues

Stay informed when new accounts have a large increase or dip in API activity.

Get alerted when API issues are impacting your customers.

Leverage smart anomaly detection to uncover API abuse or customer problems.

Monitor and resolve customer issues

Guide your customers

Automatically nudge customers to integrate with behavioral emails.

Create workflows to notify customers of rate limit issues, integration problems, and more.

Embed beautiful API logs and metrics in your customer-facing portal in a few clicks.

Guide your customers

Visibility into customer behavior across your platform in minutes

Add API Monitoring Agent
const express = require('express');
const app = express();
const moesif = require('moesif-nodejs');

const moesifMiddleware = moesif({applicationId: 'Your Application Id'});

// Enable the middleware
Add User Tracking
const moesif = require('moesif-browser-js');
  applicationId: 'Your Application Id'

moesif.identifyUser('12345', {
  email: '',
  firstName: 'John',
  lastName: 'Doe',
  title: 'Software Engineer',
  salesInfo: {
      stage: 'Customer',
      lifetimeValue: 24000,
      accountOwner: '',

moesif.track('Clicked Sign Up', {
  button_label: 'Get Started'

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