User-Centric API Analytics for .NET

Convert, understand, and retain customers better with a complete picture of how customers use your API platform. Understand which API features are used by your best customers while identifying customers that were struggling to integrate with your APIs.

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User-Centric API Analytics for .NET

What can Moesif answer about your API platform?

Understand how customers use your APIs

Understand how customers adopt and use your APIs with with behavioral API analytics.

Quickly discover API performance issues and product problems hindering adoption.

Sync with your CRM, BI, and marketing tools to get a full view of a single customer's activity.

Understand how customers use your APIs

Convert and retain customers

Identify customers having API integration issues and resolve them quickly.

Analyze and improve funnel metrics like Time to First Hello World (TTFHW) and integration rate.

Plan a better product strategy by understanding what drives product retention with cohort analysis.

Convert and retain customers

Share KPIs with your entire team

Track key metrics like API Active Users, endpoint usage, and acquisition channel driving integrations.

Securely share dashboards with external customers and partners that help them work with your APIs.

Get a daily digest of new sign ups that need help with their integration to improve conversion rates.

Share KPIs with your entire team

Monitor and fix a bad customer experience

Stay informed when new accounts have a large increase or dip in API activity.

Get alerted when API issues are impacting your customers.

Leverage smart anomaly detection to identify which customers may churn.

Monitor and fix a bad customer experience

Gain insights into the full customer experience in minutes

1. Monitor API traffic
using Moesif.Middleware;

public class Startup {

    public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)
        app.UseMiddleware<MoesifMiddleware>(new Dictionary<string, object> {
          {"ApplicationId": "Your Moesif Application Id"}
2. Track user demographics
moesif.identifyUser('12345', {
  email: '',
  firstName: 'John',
  lastName: 'Doe',
  title: 'Software Engineer',
  salesInfo: {
      stage: 'Customer',
      lifetimeValue: 24000,
      accountOwner: '',

To see if an issue exhibits certain patterns, I'll turn to Moesif. There were really no other services we found that offer this kind of feature set.

Dan Kokotov

VP of Engineering - rev.comSee Case Studies

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