Log HTTP Calls from Spring Boot APIs

As a fully managed service, Moesif enables your organization to leverage self-serve API analytics without the high cost of building and maintaining homegrown data infrastructure.

Get up and running in just a few minutes with our developer first SDKs and API gateway plugins available on GitHub.

Implement API analytics


Does this work for APIs as a Product or Developer Platforms?

Of course. Many of Moesif's customers deliver APIs as a product or have a developer platform that attracts for 3rd party developers. Having the right analytics is important to iterate and grow these developer programs.

What about firewalls and internal APIs?

Our SDKs can work on-premises and behind firewalls for internal and private APIs. The SDKs don't require opening any incoming ports to function.

Does Moesif sample or capture all requests?

For self-service plans, Moesif captures all API requests that are not set to skip. Enterprise plans can either capture all requests or enable our intelligent sampling feature. For example, if you’re building high-volume IoT or analytics APIs, intelligent sampling can reduce your own cost and is accessible under the Runtime Rules menu.

Will they impact my app performance or availability

Our SDKs capture data batches out of band via asynchronous queuing to ensure your application performance is not impacted even in a worst case scenario where the Moesif collection network goes down.

Are your SDKs open-source?

Yes, our SDKs are open-source and supports both public and internal APIs. They are available on GitHub. We also have an open REST API if the SDKs don't fit your needs. More info is in our Developer Docs.

Who owns my data?

You do. You retain ownership of all the data you send to your user account. The SDKs can be configured to send as much data as you want and scrubs data even before it leaves your private network.

Moesif is a part of my daily flow giving me important insight into our API as well as the consumers of our API.

Jonathan Pickett

Lead Engineer - Praetorian DigitalSee Case Studies

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