Track User Behavior

With Moesif, leverage powerful API observability to accurately monitor customer API usage and user behavior without the high cost of building and maintaining complex data infrastructure.

Identify users and track their behavior within your web apps. Moesif automatically links their actions to your API traffic so you can fully understand customer journey across both your website and APIs together.

Track User Behavior

Automatic API Instrumentation

Automatic Instrumentation

Automatic API instrumentation with a drop-in SDK or API gateway plugin.

Track both API calls and web activity to get full visibility into customer experience.


Does this work for public APIs and developer platforms?

Yes. Many of Moesif's customers have a growing developer community. Having the right product analytics is critical to understand developer adoption and API usage.

Will this work for internal APIs and behind firewalls?

Yes, our integrations support internal APIs even if on-premises and behind firewalls. They don't open any ports and support a local proxy if your app can't access the internet.

How do I reduce cost?

Self-service plans can leverage the skip function if you don't want to log all API calls. All enterprise plans also have the flexibility of capturing all API calls or can leverage dynamic sampling for specific customers or user behaviors to reduce your costs. Read more.

Will Moesif impact my application's performance or reliability?

No, data capture is asynchronous to your API traffic and leverages queueing/batching to ensure your performance. Review our scalable architecture for more info.

Are your SDKs open-source?

Yes, our SDKs are open-source and supports both public and internal APIs. They are available on GitHub. We also have an open REST API if the SDKs don't fit your needs. More info is in our Developer Docs.

What about sensitive data?

Moesif designed with enterprise security and privacy in mind. For super sensitive data, contact sales for more info on our enterprise offerings for zero-knowledge security.

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