How Trove is using Moesif: Customer technical support resolution

Customer technical support resolution
How an online marketplace uses Moesif to help identify and resolve customer issues quickly.

When customers reports a bug or an error, often it is extremely hard to pinpoint where the error occurred. It also takes a lot of time even to trying reproduce the issue.

Trove Market is an app on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, web, & tvOS) with hundreds of thousands of users. They use Zendesk for customer support management and have some first level customer support agents in the Philippines. However, often when the end user reports an issue, the problem is technical and is escalated to the app development team. If the root cause is not know, the tasked developer often responds back with a “request for more information.” Information asked is usually, “When did the error occur” and “what was the user doing at the time of error.” This is to help from digging through logs.

Trove Market installed Moesif using the Azure extension since they were already running on Azure. They also installed the Zendesk plugin so they can get context of the user as soon as a support ticket is received. From zendesk, they can jump straight to the user history. Trove had a very nasty bug related to Google login that would show up intermittently. It was very hard for them to track down since they couldn’t ever reproduce it themselves even when users complain. After integrating Moesif and letting ingest for a few days, they could instantly see exactly that the Google error occurs when the login button is clicked twice in rapid succession.

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