How some companies use Moesif: Developer Collaboration

Developer Collaboration
How a mobile app uses Moesif for internal collaborations between their backend API and the mobile app developers?

Like many app development companies, the team at this mobile app company is divided both geographically and a functional front end team and a API/backend team. As more team members were added globally, collaboration often was an issue.

For this company, the teams are on two continents, backend and marketing is in San Francisco while iOS is in Madrid. Both teams worked off of a common API and leveraged Swagger to create auto documenting code and API specs. Even with good documentation, small details were missed such as missing parameters. Collaborative debugging was done over Slack and Google Hangouts, but JSON payloads still had to be copy/pasted into the online conversation creating even more human error.

Moesif was integrated to monitor all their internal APIs, in various environments like production and development. This allowed every developer to see live API stream of their traffic. When an API error occurs, only a link to the stream in Moesif needed to be shared with others to understand what’s going on.

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