How some companies are using Moesif: API Developer Experience

API Developer Experience
How an API vendor uses Moesif to improve their developer experience.

Developer experience (DX) is becoming more and more important to many companies as they open up their RESTful APIs. Developer experience is the overall experience a 3rd party developer has when using a service including the API usability, documentation, developer community, and support.

One such anonymous API vendor had a great developer experience. They had great how to guides, great documentation, and an active developer community, but they still had trouble activating new potential customers. They would browse the documentation, sign up, and then bounce. After quite a few customer interviews, they realized developers still struggle with the API during integration. The product is quite complex requiring quite a few parameters into the API and multiple API calls to achieve a business transaction, but developers consistently got the parameters incorrect. The realization was their developer community didn’t have visualization into what was going on with the API since the client libs obscure the error.

Moesif was able to provide a debugger dashboard that integrated with the rest of their developer portal which was based on Slate and in house components. This allowed their developers to see API calls as they are doing integration. One month after production usage, the company experienced a small uptick for their sign up to fully integrated conversion funnel. They also reduced the incoming support tickets over Intercom that were developer or technical related.

Enterprise API monitoring
How an enterprise product for dealerships use Moesif to get alerted on API issues.

Monitoring serverless apps
How an analytics SaaS solution use Moesif to monitor their APIs running on AWS Lambda.

REST API debugging
How an accounting platform use Moesif to debug API errors seen in development.

Customer technical support resolution
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Developer collaboration
How a mobile app uses Moesif for internal collaborations between their backend API and the mobile app developers?

Mobile API monitoring
How a mobile game uses Moesif to help monitor and prevent production errors.

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