How Prodigy is using Moesif: Enterprise API monitoring

Enterprise API monitoring
How an enterprise product for dealerships use Moesif to get alerted on API issues.

Prodigy is software platform for car dealerships to streamline the car purchase process and is a current customer of Moesif. Their web and mobile apps enables the sales staff to drive a consistent sales process and increase margins. Prodigy developed a REST API to power their mobile and web apps using NodeJS and Express. If their API has errors, the customer experience in their apps would suffer. Thus, Prodigy was looking for a solution to alert them of any anomalies with their API and to gain deeper visibility into the API traffic for easier debugging.

Prodigy installed Moesif using Moesif’s Express Middleware SDK which takes about 20 minutes to install and deploy to production. Deploying Moesif in production enables Prodigy to monitor the live RESTful API traffic and not just test data. They set up Slack alerts so they can stay informed of any issue with the API. The middleware automatically captures data from the REST API and sends to Moesif for analysis. Prodigy also used the identifyUser() functionality which creates a user profile in Moesif for each of Prodigy’s customers. If a customer does have an issue with Prodigy, Prodigy engineers can quickly glance at what went wrong with the API to solve the customer’s issue as quick as possible.

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