How Prodigy is using Moesif: Monitoring mobile APIs

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Monitoring mobile APIs
How Prodigy gets alerted of new issues on their mobile API.


Prodigy is software platform backed by 8VC, Battery Ventures, SV Angel and CrunchFund for car dealerships to streamline the car purchase process. Their web and mobile apps enables the sales staff to drive a consistent sales process and increase margins. Prodigy developed a REST API to power their mobile and web apps using Node.js and Express and also to connect with over 1,300 lenders which enables them to offer car loans in minutes.


If their API has errors, the customer experience in their apps would suffer. Marty Hu, the CTO of Prodigy, was looking for a solution to alert them of any anomalies that occur with their mobile APIs in real-time and to gain deeper visibility into the API traffic for easier debugging.


"We have found Moesif indispensable for maintaining an increasingly complex backend. It allows us to respond to issues swiftly and gives us incredible visibility into our services."

Marty Hu, Prodigy Co-Founder and CTO

Prodigy installed Moesif using Moesif’s Express Middleware SDK which took about 20 minutes to install and deploy to production. Deploying Moesif in production enables Prodigy to monitor the live RESTful API traffic and not just test data. They set up Slack alerts so they can stay informed of any issue with the API and then later used Moesif's PagerDuty integration when they rolled out PagerDuty. The middleware automatically captures data from the REST API and sends to Moesif for analysis. To ensure they have customer context like customer email, Prodigy also integrated the identifyUser() functionality which creates a user profile in Moesif for each of Prodigy's customers. If a customer does have an issue with Prodigy, Prodigy engineers used Moesif to quickly look up the customer in Moesif and see what went wrong with the API to solve the customer's issue as quick as possible.


Thanks for creating Moesif. I'm a plugin developer for DHL Parcel. Me and my team are creating plugins for popular eCommerce web shops that communicates with an API to create shipment labels. Moesif has been quite helpful with debugging process.

Shin Ho, Developer, DHL

The Zebra

Everything is going great. I made some enhancements to the headers sent with each request to enable searching on select items and our stakeholders are really enjoying using it.

Jessica Ross, Senior Software Engineer, The Zebra

Praetorian Digital

Moesif is a part of my daily flow giving me important insight into our API as well as the consumers of our API.

Jonathan Pickett, Lead Engineer, Praetorian Digital

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