How Loteria is using Moesif: Mobile API monitoring

Mobile API monitoring
How a mobile game uses Moesif to help monitor and prevent production errors.

When you are a small team or doing a startup, you often have to act fast, that also means shipping fast. But errors happens all the time when you try to ship fast.

Loteria is an Android app with over 300,000 users. They have a small but very efficient team, and they deploy new updates often. They often seek tools to aid their development efforts to remain small yet efficient.

They implemented Moesif for their Android API. During development, they were able to see missing headers without manually debug on some of their API calls due to Moesif’s powerful analysis engine.

Enterprise API monitoring
How an enterprise product for dealerships use Moesif to get alerted on API issues.

Monitoring serverless apps
How an analytics SaaS solution use Moesif to monitor their APIs running on AWS Lambda.

API Developer Experience
How an API vendor uses Moesif to improve their developer experience.

REST API debugging
How an accounting platform use Moesif to debug API errors seen in development.

Customer technical support resolution
How an online marketplace uses Moesif to help identify and resolve customer issues quickly.

Developer collaboration
How a mobile app uses Moesif for internal collaborations between their backend API and the mobile app developers?

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