How An accounting platform is using Moesif: REST API debugging

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REST API debugging
How an accounting platform use Moesif to debug API errors seen in development.


This customer is a web based accounting platform for startup founders and small businesses for bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll, and more based out of Texas. This company has numerous dashbpards, KPIs, and metrics for data driven founders and small business owners rolled up from accounting, business management, and financial analytics. Their customers are also able to talk to a live accountant directly in the platform for responsive accounting and tax services.


The company has an API powered using Java Servlets and the Jersey framework. They were able to integrate the Java Servlet SDK which is a unified SDK for any Java framework compatible with Java Servlet. Moesif gives the development team far more visibility into the API traffic while testing new API features. When an API error occurs, Their developers can trace all the way back to the originating call and inspect the HTTP payload. They also integrates with many other platforms through their 3rd party integration hub. Moesif allows their developers to monitor those 3rd party integrations along with their own APIs. They used Moesif advanced anomaly detection and correlation feature to detect new issues with each integration. They also configured Moesif alert rules to send a Slack and email alert whenever a new anomaly was detected.


Thanks for creating Moesif. I'm a plugin developer for DHL Parcel. Me and my team are creating plugins for popular eCommerce web shops that communicates with an API to create shipment labels. Moesif has been quite helpful with debugging process.

Shin Ho, Developer, DHL

The Zebra

Everything is going great. I made some enhancements to the headers sent with each request to enable searching on select items and our stakeholders are really enjoying using it.

Jessica Ross, Senior Software Engineer, The Zebra

Praetorian Digital

Moesif is a part of my daily flow giving me important insight into our API as well as the consumers of our API.

Jonathan Pickett, Lead Engineer, Praetorian Digital

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