How Big Picture is using Moesif: Monitoring serverless apps

Monitoring serverless apps
How an analytics SaaS solution use Moesif to monitor their APIs running on AWS Lambda.

Big Picture is a current customer of Moesif and is a marketing analytics platform for web apps. Unlike companies like Mixpanel or Amplitude, no code is necessary to use BigPicture to track advanced user behavior. BigPicture enables marketing teams to set up and track custom funnels without ever being dependent on a development team to push updates to an application. Customers of BigPicture install a small script on their front end website to get started. That script is powered by a custom RESTful API that BigPicture built in house leveraging the latest serverless computing technology via AWS Lambda and NodeJS. API reliability is critical for BigPicture since If the API is unreliable, BigPicture’s customer data may be lost or not tracked.

BigPicture also had some unique challenges by using AWS Lambda. Traditional API Gateways like Mashape cannot be installed on AWS Lambda as a dedicated VM is required. Thus BigPicture turned to Moesif which incorporated Moesif’s Express Middleware SDK directly in the JS running on AWS Lambda. Once installed, Moesif starts analyzing the API traffic and building a historical model. BigPicture uses Moesif heavily not just for monitoring their API, but also getting business metrics to understand how their API is used. When a customer is having trouble with their SDK, BigPicture uses Moesif to see how the API calls errored out and where they came from. With Moesif, BigPicture can see the browser type, the version of SDK, and what was the history of API calls.

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