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Reloadly fuels digital mobile payments through its APIs. By offering the world’s first developer platform for connecting to global telcos, Reloadly makes it easy to enable the transfer of digital mobile payments, digital goods and mobile top-ups.

As the company was on its way to partnering with almost 800+ telcos, it became apparent that it had to closely monitor and provide feedback on what’s going on over its increasing number of API endpoints. And, as the number of companies developing products using its APIs approached 5,000, Reloadly wanted to ensure as seamless a developer experience as possible.

What was needed was an analytics and notification tool to get details on what’s happening over their APIs, both at the individual user level and with metadata, and then to send customers notifications based on those analyses.

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A mobile carrier is only as good as its reliable airtime. It’s very difficult to identify when a route is having issues. Usually, the service provider has to wait until end users notify them of the problem. This leads to frustration, problematic customer relations and increased churn. Reloadly wanted to find a way to be proactive on customer issues, rather than reactive.

Reloadly needed an API-centric tool for tracking and taking actions on what’s happening over their API. They couldn’t find many tools that were API focused. They could find a lot of tools that could send events, however those tools wouldn't capture a lot of the things that API-first companies care about, such as: IP address, region or user agent that the request came from.

​​What’s unique in Reloadly’s application is that they’re running a two-sided marketplace: they interact with both the providers, the Telcos, as well as the end users, the customers of the Telcos. They needed to monitor, and take action on, telco route validity as well as customer issues like wallets running out of funds.

On top of that, they were looking for something that could send custom events (emails, slack messages etc), that somebody who's not very technical could instantiate, read and make sense of.

Reloadly’s customer success people found Moesif to be super easy to use, to stand-up dashboards on their own, put in the filters they wanted and analyse events, all without any hand holding from engineering.

Arun Patra, Chief Architect, Reloadly


After doing a lot of research, Emmanuel Piard, Co-founder and CTO of Reloadly, was headed towards building his own internal API analytics tool. In googling what was out there, he found a lot of solutions, but none satisfied his needs until he came across Moesif. With its user-centric analytics approach, Emmanuel was relieved he could adopt Moesif, instead of building a solution himself. “There's always a lot of things we need yesterday from engineering,” he added.

As events come in, Reloadly's Customer Success team looks at their dashboards, built with Moesif, and quickly determines how overall airtime is doing, in terms of error/success ratio. They also have dashboards for particular APIs, specific queries that they need to monitor and key customers that they keep close tabs on. CS supports Reloadly’s business, and Moesif’s API analytics is central to the CS team.

Customer Success Insights

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Proactive Notification of Endpoint Issues

Using Moesif, the five-person customer success (CS) team monitors real-time traffic to see when a route is having issues, causing a high error rate. Through custom dashboards that they created, the CS team looks at the health of routes in terms of airtime, which is Reloadly’s main business metric. If a problem is identified, they then can take action behind the scenes by:

  • Switching the route to a backup route,
  • Automatically altering the telco to what's going on,
  • Notifying customers of impending potential problems.

By being proactive and knowing ahead of time when a given route is having problems, they can fix the issue before it affects too many users and not lose traffic, which translates into not losing business.

“In terms of ROI, one way to look at it is that with Moesif we can get advanced knowledge of issues that allows us to be proactive and take action, which leads to greater business satisfaction,” Emmanuel Piard, Co-founder and CTO, Reloadly.

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Optimizing E-Commerce

Reloadly has also set up other queries that monitor strategic business metrics. For example, they have a dashboard that tracks the real-time gift-card success ratio, i.e. the rate that customers successfully complete gift card (gift certificate) checkouts. If a transaction fails, then using Moesif, Reloadly can troubleshoot the problem:

  • Identify the exact route of the unsuccessful checkout,
  • Contact the selling vendor with the specific errors they’re seeing,
  • Provide further information to the purchaser.

“Depending on the nature of the business the actions we take from these query results might be different - actions for airtime are different from gift card because they’re not the same businesses. But what's important here is that we capture all the data and analyze and display it with Moesif, and that allows us to make sense of whatever the issue is, in whatever business line,” Emmanuel Piard, Co-founder and CTO, Reloadly.

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Multi-Channel Alerts

For key customers, Reloadly wants to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible. Customer identification has been added to alerts, so that as events come in they’re cross-matched to customer_id, and if they pertain to a high-value customer then the CS team is alerted on both email and Slack. The real-time notification to the CS Slack channel helps Reloadly be über proactive and address issues as quickly as possible.

Fraud Detection and Analysis

The CS team also uses Moesif in some very creative ways. For example, they created queries into the system that zeros down on fraudulent transactions to identify perpetrators.

“Moesif has become a kind of go-to tool to do granular analysis on our metadata, identifying fraudulent use, erroneous routes and using Moesif to generate other creative insights,” Arun Patra, Chief Architect, Reloadly.

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Tracking Credit Usage and Balance

Because Reloadly’s API leverages a pay as you go model, customers purchase credits to use the API. Reloadly’s CS team leverages Moesif to get a Slack alert when a customer’s wallet has an insufficient balance or has payment errors. This means a customer was not able to complete their transaction successfully and CS can reach out to that customer. This enables Reloadly’s CSM team to proactively reach out to struggling customers and drive revenue.


Product Insights

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Quality Assurance

Because Reloadly is a two-sided marketplace, they have both customers using their API, but they also route those requests to specific telco providers. If a customer is using a provider that’s having issues, it’s important for both Reloadly and that customer to know about it. As part of conforming to its functional requirements, Reloadly tracks multiple metrics with Moesif around both customer and provider health.

When call latency, for example, drops below a predetermined threshold, a notification system enables Reloadly to rapidly respond and fix the issue. Or when a customer’s wallet is running out of funds an email is sent informing them that they need to replenish, before they’re disconnected.

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Tracking Feature Adoption / Popular APIs

Telecom is very region dependent. When new features are moved to production, Reloadly’s product team monitors uptake by geography to determine how much the feature is being used, how it’s being used and whether to modify it. Similarly, through Moesif, Reloadly is able to clearly see which customers are interested in which APIs. Marketing then takes that information and uses it as an opportunity to upsell other things.

API Errors and Usage Statistics

Anything that might improve the outcome of Reloadly’s customers is tracked and monitored through Moesif: MAU, API status, Insufficient funds, Operator/Gift card 500 errors, Errors by provider/the hour, etc. A detailed picture of the state of the business results.


Reloadly has made great use of the flexibility of Moesif’s API analytics platform, creating multiple and often complex queries of its API data. From product insights, through aiding customer success, and on to providing a white-glove service for key customers, Moesif has helped Reloadly’s whole business in ways that they did not necessarily anticipate.


Reloadly needed an API analytics and notification tool to get details on what’s happening with their APIs, both for individual users and at the metadata level, and then to send events based on those analyses.


Reloadly is an API-first platform that makes it easy to connect with mobile operators. Through an API, developers can build services for digital mobile payments, digital goods & mobile top-up transfers, and connect to almost 1,000 telcos worldwide.

Emmanuel PiardEmmanuel Piard
Co-founder and CTO, Reloadly

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