Real API Monitoring

Monitor API performance and functional problems from your actual user traffic via a simple SDK. Many API issues go unnoticed because synthetic ping tests look healthy and no HTTP errors were logged.

Don’t wait for customers to notify you of a down or slow API. Leverage API RUM (Real User Monitoring) with machine learning to detect anomalous API behavior and know when and why key API transactions are failing before customers do.

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What kinds of API Monitoring can Moesif do?

Monitor for anomalies and abnormal trends

  • Moesif API RUM (Real User Monitoring) continuously learns from your API what is normal API behavior and let you know when it's misbehaving.
  • Instead of relying on time-based probes, monitor and visualize what your customers are actually experiencing.
anomaly detection

Receive only relevant alerts

  • Moesif adapts to your behavior to filter repetitive and uninteresting alerts. Just give it a thumbs up or down.
  • Receive detailed graphics and context to make quick decisions.
  • Moesif consolidate related alerts together to combat alert fatigue.
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Don't be constrained by rules

  • Add a real-time monitor to any metric or dashboard regardless of filter criteria.
  • Monitor for product or customer experience problems that error tracking doesn't catch.
  • Connect with the services you already love such as PagerDuty and Slack.
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Monitor any view with one-click

creating alerts

Moesif's machine learning algorithms continually adapts to your historical API data for better alerting and insights.

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