Real User
API Monitoring

Monitor API performance and functional problems from your actual user traffic via a simple SDK. Many API issues go unnoticed because synthetic ping tests look healthy and no HTTP errors were logged.

Don’t wait for customers to notify you of a down or slow API. Leverage API RUM (Real User Monitoring) with machine learning to detect anomalous API behavior and know when and why key API transactions are failing before customers do.

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What kinds of API Monitoring can Moesif do?

Stay informed of anomalies and performance issues

Moesif API RUM (Real User Monitoring) continuously learns what is normal API behavior and let you know when it's misbehaving.

Track what your customers are actually experiencing, not just from recurring health probes.

Create real-time monitors on any dashboard regardless of filter and aggregation complexity.

Stay informed of anomalies and performance issues

Monitor account health, not just errors

Get alerted when new customers get started or have a large drop off.

Know when a key business metric has an unusual change.

Track which customers may churn due to integration difficulty or a bad customer experience.

Monitor account health, not just errors

Take control of your alerts

Moesif adapts to your behavior to filter repetitive alerts. Just give it a thumbs up or down.

Receive detailed visuals and context in alerts to make quick decisions.

Connect with the services you already love such as PagerDuty and Slack.

Take control of your alerts

Get a 360° view into your APIs


Ensure your entire team knows what's happening with TV mode and configurable dashboards.

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